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Hi hi, I'm Cynthia van Stenus a proud mother of three grown girls.

Born in Indonesia and raised with Indian standards and values ​​in which FOOD plays a very important role! From my childhood I can remember tables full of food, sweets and snacks ... every day a holiday, but also when I die. This was also celebrated with family and delicious and lots of tasty food.

Cynthia of Stenus
Indian cuisine has quite a bit of spice!

So it's not surprising that my days are filled with thoughts about food, I wake up with it (which dish or cookie should I try today?) and go to bed with it (... if I do the dish this or that way next time...) . The idea of ​​starting a recipe blog about Indian food was a logical next step. And… the name? My oldest daughter called me a “indomama“, which I actually am, so it eventually became the name of my blog as well. Clear and easy to remember!

Cynthia of Stenus of deindomama

As a guest foodie for Delicious Happen I have selected a number of easy-to-prepare recipes for you. I will give you as much explanation as possible about the background and history of these dishes. After all, Indian cuisine has a number of classics. And how nice is it to share these with you and go on an Indomama trip! See you soon …

Delicious Happen is a multi-media company, so you can also find me on various social media. follow me on FacebookPinterest en Instagram under @delicioushappen. If you make this recipe I would love it if you tagged me #delicioushappen. A comment below in the comments is also nice of course!

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