The very best barbecue wines, perfect combination

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The choice for wine at the barbecue is huge. After all, anything can be put on the barbecue. From chicken to beef, from salmon packages to tiger shrimp and from vegetable skewers to veggie burgers. What all dishes often have in common is that they have a pronounced taste. Whether it already has some spice on its own or whether it involves spicy marinades and sauces, the wine has to be able to handle it. Here are some tips for the very best barbecue wines.

The very best barbecue wines
Fire up the grill and enjoy a nice glass of wine at the barbecue.

A cool red wine, or not?

Tough red wines go well with a tough barbecue. Barbecue full of spiciness and lots of meat. You can go for a red Carmenère from Chile, a Malbec from Argentina, a Cabernet from California. But also powerful red wines from South Africa, Australia or Portugal. Those are options to match tough with tough. But you can also go for the opposite. A slightly cooled and therefore somewhat fresher Beaujolais from the grape Gamay. This one offers a beautiful contrast without losing out against the intense flavors. 

Red, do you choose a cool wine?

Rosé not a favorite for the very best barbecue wines?

Rosé is only served by a few people at the barbecue. And that while a glass of rosé is a perfect pacesetter. A dark colored rosé goes very well with the heavier flavors. If the dish is a bit more peppery, then such a pale, light-colored rosé is a perfect match. It is often thought that the darker colored rosé wines are sweeter than the light versions. But that's a misconception. The color only has something to do with the grape variety used. And how long the juice has soaked with the peels. During soaking, the color is extracted from the peels. The deeper the color of the skin and the longer the soaking time, the darker the color of the rosé. 

The very best barbecue wines
Rosé, a favorite here at home.

White wines, these are also the very best barbecue wines!

With white wines it is best to have a fresh wine with the barbecue. However, there must be some power behind it. Otherwise there is a good chance that all that barbecue violence will roll right over the wine! If you have a lot of chicken on the barbecue, a nice glass of Chardonnay is a good combination. If you don't want to look for the very best barbecue wines in the store yourself, wine delivery is always an easy and safe option. Therefore, always check online whether there is not a Chardonnay offer running. Or maybe you will find an offer of another beautiful barbecue wine.

Chardonnay, we say yes to that!

The very best barbecue wines, perfect combination: what do you eat during this barbecue? Here I have some ideas for you:

The very best barbecue wines
A fine chardonnay, the very best barbecue wines with a lobster.

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