The indispensable items for a foodie

The indispensable items for a foodie

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If you, like me, enjoy being in the kitchen, there are of course a number of things that are indispensable. For example, a good pan set. You can buy these separately, or directly in a complete set. I once started with a mixed bag of various pans in a student house. And although that certainly had its charm, nowadays I also think that quality and design should prevail. In this blog I give you my list of “the indispensable items for a foodie”. pans which, in my opinion, should not be missing in your kitchen:

  • One or more cast iron casseroles. I'm a huge fan of stews, but these pans are also suitable for baking bread in the oven, or even placing them on a BBQ. This pan lends itself to being left on the stove for hours and to simmering your dish at a low temperature.
  • A frying pan. That is a kind of frying pan with a high edge. This logically holds just a little more volume than your regular frying pan.
  • Several frying pans in various sizes, because sometimes we only have one egg to fry for ourselves, and sometimes for an entire family. Preferably with a matching lid.
  • A number of different normal pans with lids are also indispensable. Potatoes, pasta, vegetables, sauce, you name it... can be used for anything.
  • Nowadays a nice wok is also almost indispensable. For those delicious noodles or one-pot dishes that you can easily stir in a deep wok.
Hema pans

Of course, there are many more pans available, such as a grill pan, a pressure cooker, poffertjes pans and so on. Take a critical look in your cupboard to see which pans you really use and which ones may need to be replaced. You should definitely keep a close eye on your non-stick pans. If they have too many scratches, it is really time to replace them with another one.

The indispensable items for a foodie

At the table!

After cooking comes the best part: eating! And we do that at the table, or at least often. I personally enjoy regularly hosting dinners at home for friends and acquaintances. There's nothing more fun than decorating your table with a beautiful tablecloth, candles and beautiful cutlery. For weekdays you can of course opt for a handy placemat, but I personally really like beautiful tablecloths. It gives a luxurious look. Use various colors and, for example, let an extra table runner “walk” over the rug. You can easily shake out the rug again or put it in the wash. There are also nice disposable tablecloths for sale for Christmas and Easter. And if you have kids at the table, buy a coloring page tablecloth. This way you keep them at the table and busy! You can go to HEMA for these kinds of nice items.

The indispensable items for a foodie
hema tableware

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The indispensable items for a foodie

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