The five tastiest pasta recipes

What are we eating today? Five delicious pasta ideas

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Pasta, pasta, pasta, you can almost wake me up for it. Almost then, but how I can enjoy a fine pasta. You often don't need a complicated shopping list to put a very nice meal on the table. And that means that the five tastiest pasta recipes are also five very easy recipes. Now the Italians are not a fan of messing around with classics. However, these recipes are recipes that you can vary nicely with. Add bacon, or a little vegetables, a pepper, an easy pasta recipe is made in no time. best italian pasta recipes recipe. What are we eating today? Five delicious pasta ideas

Garlic spaghetti with shells

Or also known as “spaghetti alle vongole”, a favorite here at home! A pasta with shellfish. Did you know that there are several ways to prepare? “Bianco” that is with oil, garlic, parsley and some white wine. But also “Rosso” and then tomatoes and fresh basil are added. You throw the shells alive in the frying pan because when the shells are opened, moisture is released that is essential for the taste of the pasta.

Garlic spaghetti with shells
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Garlic spaghetti with shells

The five tastiest pasta recipes

The five tastiest pasta recipes
Lovely, that smell coming from the pan!

A classic: Pasta Primavera

What a mega classic this is! And the great thing about this pasta is that you only need one pan for it. The Italian chefs tumble over each other to shout that his version is the best, but there is no fixed recipe. And as I wrote in the intro, you can do what you like best in it. How nice is that? So my version is this version and I can recommend it to you.

A real classic pasta Primavera
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A real classic pasta Primavera
Delicious with lots of fresh parsley.

A classic: Cacio è pepe

Making the tastiest and creamiest pasta with only three to four ingredients that won't eat your fingers… Ok ok let's keep it classy. I also like to serve this pasta as a side dish at dinner. Just a nice little bowl with some pasta rolled up and then some Parmesan cheese and pepper on top. Don't do anything more.

spaghetti cheese and pepper
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a classic spaghetti cacio e pepe

The five tastiest pasta recipes

easy pasta recipe
I got the spaghetti from Chef Franz Conde of the Hilton.

Stuffed jumbo pasta shells

Mega large pasta shells can therefore also be filled very well with all kinds of goodies. Vary with the cheese, vegetables and meat if desired. This way you can make a delicious plate without too much effort. Of course, this is also an easy pasta recipe to make with the kids. This way you can have them help with filling the shells.

Stuffed jumbo pasta shells
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The five tastiest pasta recipes

pasta shells
Lots of grated cheese on top!

Surinamese noodles from Jen

huh? Bami I hear you think, that's not real pasta, is it? Well that is the biggest secret of the Surinamese noodles because it is made with spaghetti! And so it is a wonderfully easy pasta recipe that should certainly not be missed here. Definitely a personal favorite of mine as it reminds me of my time when I first went on my own. You can read the rest of the story in the recipe.

Surinam Style Noodles
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Delicious dish with authentic taste!

The five tastiest pasta recipes

And so you see five completely different recipes with pasta. All very tasty and on the table in no time. That means that we are fans here, and that means that a tasty pasta is regularly served. best pasta recipe

Can't get enough of it? Then make this one too:

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