Dining at restaurant Voltaire in Utrecht

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While chatting we drive away from Utrecht Station, where I picked up one of the dinner guests of the evening. It is still a short drive to the destination and suddenly we are driving in a wooded area and a long driveway looms up. Tall trees with a green canopy on either side. The car's tires crunch on the gravel as we pull into the driveway. When we drive past the stately building, I still shout: ”take a picture quickly because now we still have nice light”. We are going to have dinner at restaurant Voltaire.

Dining at restaurant Voltaire
The smile on my face has not disappeared this evening.

Location location

Location is one of the most important elements for a good restaurant. Although it is a bit remote, the oh's and ah's cannot be suppressed. Even before we enter the stately building, it is already clear that this is going to be a beautiful evening. The red sign with “Michelin 2019” glistens in the evening sun. Expectations are high. The restaurant is a collection of soft colors, nice seats and a view of the kitchen. We walk past the kitchen and get a table at the window with a view of the extensive garden, but we only have an eye for the food that will come.

Dining at restaurant Voltaire
In the restaurant there are all kinds of nice seats with different beautiful fabrics that have been used.

feel welcome

Regardless of whether the food is good in a restaurant, atmosphere is just as important. The ambiance is good, there is laughter at the tables around us and the staff give us a friendly welcome. What is immediately noticeable is that this is a very young team. Both in the service and in the kitchen. Chef Robert Poel personally welcomes us and comes to sit at the table later in the evening and let me ask him the question.

Dining at restaurant Voltaire
If you're going to start like this, the next dish can't disappoint!

Chef's menu

We are offered the Chef's menu with matching wines. Because I still have to drive, I take bottoms. And then it's time to feast, one dish after another is presented to us. Robert clearly prefers to cook with fish, as they serve trout, red mullet, plaice, and tuna. Each plate is beautifully decorated with flowers, crisps, and matching sauces and meringues.


If you delve into the name Voltaire a little, you will know that it was a French writer, freethinker and philosopher. The building itself also has that distinguished appearance and if you imagine it you can imagine yourself in bygone times with stuffed birds and works of art on the wall. You could expect a chef of solid stature, an almost Paul Bocuse-like man with a high chef's hat. But nothing is less true! A trendy thirties with ripped jeans, tattoos and sneakers take a seat at our table.

Robert Pool

Chef with a star

And that's where things get really interesting here with Voltaire. A star kitchen with such a young team. Then it is inevitable that there will be someone with an enormous passion for cooking in the kitchen. Robert is inspired by his travels, by eating in other restaurants and by his training with three-star chef Jacob Jan Boerma.

And he now passes on all that knowledge to young chefs between the ages of nineteen and twenty-three. This team does not consist of one top chef, because Thomas Diepersloot is also part of this fantastic team. In a kitchen where every conceivable appliance is available, these people transform your evening into a true culinary party.

Dining at restaurant Voltaire
You get not one but two desserts.

Dining at restaurant Voltaire

And this is how you can dine at restaurant Call Voltaire a true event. Incidentally, there is not only a restaurant located in Parc Broekhuizen, but you can also stay here and, for example, your wedding or another party to give.

A state photo cannot be missed with a staircase and a landing like this building. (photo made by Jadis Schreuder)

Do you also want to experience a fantastic evening and be pampered culinary by a top team and passionate chefs? Book a table here.

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