An entire daily menu with one device

An entire daily menu with one device

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If there's one big advantage to being a food blogger, it's doing reviews. I am regularly asked to test a device and to give my opinion about it. In this case I was challenged to test the Tefal Optigrill Elite XL. And if I wanted to make it a daily menu right away?! Say no more, I went to work with it. You can read what I thought of it and what I cooked with it in this review: a whole daily menu with one device. Steak from the grill

An entire daily menu with one device
A wonderful device for perfectly grilled food.

Tefal Optigrill Elite XL

Well before we start cooking, we have to talk about the device of course. It is a large grill, there is a reason that XL is behind the name. This makes it easy for a family of four to use this grill. For example, if you take four pieces of meat or fish, they will fit neatly next to each other on the grill. The plates are very easy to remove from the appliance and can be put in the dishwasher, just like the drip tray. And then the coolest feature: there is an extensive program on the grill. You set what you have on the grill via a touchscreen and he decides for himself how long it takes before it is cooked perfectly. This means that you don't have to worry about whether your steak is really cooked properly. The Optigrill has sixteen pre-programmed preparations, so you can get started quickly!

Tefal Optigrill Elite XL Steak from the grill
The steaks were perfectly rosé on the inside and nicely grilled on the outside.

An entire daily menu with one device, what are we going to eat?

A whole day of grilling and also a delicious variety of food. I opted for a combination of vegetarian and meat. But we are also going to put some tasty vegetables on the grill and make a nice meal with them.

  • Breakfast: bacon with egg and toast
  • Lunch: a nice panini
  • Dinner: a steak with grilled vegetables

I've put the recipes below for you so you can use them at home.

The grill measures the thickness of the food to prepare it perfectly.
Grilled bacon from the grill
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Panini from the grill
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Steak from the grill
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An entire daily menu with one device

An entire daily menu with one device

And there it is, an entire daily menu of the Tefal Optigrill Elite XL. In any case, we ate very well. The grill offers plenty of options to grill your products perfectly. The only drawback to a rather full counter is that it is large. It takes up a lot of space. But that's probably not a problem if you're with a large family! Do you want to get started with this grill yourself you can do it via this link buy at Coolblue.

What else can you make on this grill? Here are some more recipe ideas:

Tasty eggplant sushi rolls, grilled on the Optigrill.

a delicious sandwich with pear and goat cheesegrilled perfectly.

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Steak from the grill This blog “An entire daily menu with one device” was written in collaboration with Coolblue.

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