Francine at Burgundian in Den Bosch

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Francine at Burgundian

this time Francine at Burgundian. When I still worked in the city center of Den Bosch and sometimes had to play a shopping evening, I drove through the Vughterstraat every time. And here is located in a small building: Burgundian. Here I bought my freshly made meal that I could eat during the break. And on the weekends on the way home I would drop by for a cheese and a piece of sausage. This section should therefore certainly not be missing: Francine at Burgundian!

About Marloes:

Marloes, a farmer's daughter born and raised, is now 41 years old and has a happy marriage with two children. Her grandfather, originally from Brabant, had the opportunity to start a business in the Noord-Oostpolder a long time ago. This region had recently been drained and offered new opportunities for agriculture. With the opportunity to also acquire a farm, he took the leap of faith. This is how the family business, specialized in fruit growing, began. When her father asked Marloes what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer was straightforward: farmer! And so Marloes returned to Brabant to study horticultural engineering.

Study and work:

Because Marloes has an enormous passion for farming life and growing fruit, she went to study at the HAS in Den Bosch. This on the advice of her father not to immediately take over the family business but first to see what

the world has to offer. After her studies, she works in dozens of different jobs that all involve food, the cultivation experience

and dealing with it. She is a busy bee who sometimes walks in 7 ditches at the same time… During the interview she jumps up: “Just help this customer!”. Somewhere the idea arises to have a shop where only Dutch products are sold. Fresh from the land, milk, cheeses, sausages and other dry products produced with passion. Burgundian is born!

Expansion of products and services:

So the first idea was to only sell Dutch and local products in a nice food store. Due to the more extensive demand from customers who still wanted to execute their recipes precisely, Boergondisch slowly grew into what it has become today. Marloes goes to work and learn for a while at Gert-Jan, who sometimes drives her crazy with her thousands of questions. She cuts all the vegetables in his catering company, helps with the preparations and soaks up all the information like a sponge.

She takes this back to Boergondisch and expands her food shop with a small lunchroom, snack boards, catering, breakfast and lunch. Both individuals and companies can contact Marloes. And she is open to all wishes and questions. Really super customer friendly, you also notice this in the store. Every customer is greeted, she has a chat with everyone and they work very hard!

Francine at Burgundian:

As busy as it is sometimes in Marloes' head, it is even busier in her shop. During my visit, one supplier after another walks in. With a jovial greeting, they put their products near the kitchen or in a corner of the store and are gone again. Smiling, Marloes tells me that many suppliers forget to include an invoice or a packing slip, so they have to keep an eye on everything. She now has between 50 and 60 suppliers visiting the store.

Marloes' cheerful mood helps to bring some structure to the chaos! In addition to helping customers, cooking and catering, she does all administration and invoicing, a jack of all trades. The suppliers come from all over the Netherlands. Farmers with a passion for their products that are produced with love.

Food cooking and catering:

The food you can buy in the Burgundian shop is prepared in the back of the kitchen. Here Marloes has a small kitchen where everything is freshly produced. The store is open 7 days a week and only closed 5 days a year. So all hands on deck! All requests for catering are processed on time and delivered to the customers. But the lunchroom is also going very well. The customers trickle in all day long to eat a tasty sandwich.

The renovated store also has a small courtyard where you can sit in the sun when the weather is nice. Around Christmas time, Marloes works hysterical hours to get everything cooked and delivered to those who like to leave the cooking of their Christmas meal to her. She tells me a little anecdote about a Christmas Eve drink with her friends in a bar. There the innkeeper put a pillow under her head so that she could nap through the festivities, and then get up at half past two in the morning and join in the celebration!

Family and leisure:

Francine at Burgundian

As a mother of two children with a shop that is always open, a man with a full-time job as an avocado trader and family who still lives in the Noordoostpolder, it is sometimes impossible to keep all the balls up. But as the always smiling Marloes herself says: "I have no choice, it's just keep going".

So she looks for her moments with the children, cooks the most beautiful cakes with her daughter, and chills with her son with a tasty smoothie. And during the short holidays they have, she enjoys cooking with her family and friends to enjoy fresh products from the country where they are located.

Francine at Burgundian:

The first question Marloes asked me when I called her to ask if she wanted to participate in this column was: "You're eating a sandwich, right?". This almost self-evident hospitality and friendliness is exactly the atmosphere you feel in the store. The girls who work there are also friendly and hard working. My visit was supposed to last an hour, but I ended up being there for almost two and a half hours.

After my fantastic sandwich and receiving a real Boergondsich recipe, we say goodbye and Marloes quickly dives back into her kitchen. If you are in Den Bosch, be sure to walk into the Vughterstraat and visit her shop, definitely worth it!

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