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Francine at De Lange Hoeve in Genderen

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Francine at De Lange Hoeve

This time I didn't have to travel far for my column. Because there is a beautiful cheese farm almost in my own backyard! Francine at the Lange Hoeve. It's raining heavily when I drive to the farm and luckily I went well prepared in my rain boots! I had already tasted and bought the cheese several times, now let's see where they make this delicacy! gendering the long farm

About the Lange Hoeve:

De Lange Hoeve cheese farm has existed for generations, it is a real family business that has been passed down from father to son over the centuries. De Lange Hoeve is located in the land of Heusden and Altena, which is a real river area. We have a real clay soil here and the ladies graze on it. The grass and the land are essential for a dairy farm.

This ensures the good quality milk from which the cheeses are made. De Lange Hoeve also works with precision agriculture. This means that the land and animals are closely monitored and treated in such a way that everyone gets what they need.

The cows:

During this Francine at the Lange Hoeve, we see that about 300 cows are walking around on the Lange Hoeve. And they walk around because the cows are given the space to walk around on their own. When spring starts, the ladies go outside. In winter they are stabled. No fuss here either! They roam freely in a huge stable and can take a nap on soft mattresses if they feel like it. All ladies have their own name and this is passed on from generation to generation to the newly born calves.

Francine at De Lange Hoeve

When I walk through the barn there is a just born calf next to the cow. The cows can eat and drink according to their own needs in the barn. When I walk through the stable they immediately come to look and I can pet them. They are super curious!


No big robots or carousels that milk on the Lange Hoeve, just the farmer himself! Herman ensures that the udders are emptied properly and that no teats are missed. The company does have a very modern feeding machine. This grabs all kinds of different types of grass together with a kind of chopper and throws it into a large robot. He drives through the barn all day long and feeds the cows. They also receive kibble in a special kibble bin.

Every cow has a collar and as soon as they come to the box they are fed the chunks on their own diet. There is also a kind of poo scraper robot that drives through the barn throughout the day. This sweeps away all cow droppings in the slats and so the cows are dry and clean.

Cheese production:

At the Lange Hoeve they produce about 5 tons of cheese per year! Every liter of milk that the cows give is converted into the tastiest cheeses! When I walk into the cheese factory, I immediately see very large barrels in which the milk is stored. It's pretty cold there. After we put on and put on protective nets, we walk to a huge bath where 5000 liters of milk are pumped.

Francine at De Lange Hoeve

In this bath the milk is "soured" by means of very large arms that rotate through the bath and the milk clumps together here. The small white granules that remain are called curds. the curd floats in a liquid called whey. The pasture is drained and goes to a nearby pig farmer to feed his pig. So there is no loss! The granules are collected in round trays and are then firmly pressed together. And that's how the cheese gets its shape.

The treatment of the cheese:

When the cheeses are pressed, they go into a brine bath. This is a salt bath and that ensures that the cheese becomes firm and has a nice taste. This also gives the cheese a longer shelf life. For years, the flavors and recipes have been created by the family itself. In the eighties people were not very ready for a lot of different flavors, but nowadays nuts and all kinds of herbs are used in the cheese. After the brine bath, the cheeses go to the warehouse to mature.

Because De Lange Hoeve is a real production company, there is only a small part with them. The rest goes to other warehouses. As a last stop, the cheeses are cut and vacuum packed.

Francine at the Lange Hoeve:

At the farm is a very nice shop, here you can just buy individual pieces of cheese. And also tasty sausages and freshly roasted nuts. But it doesn't stop there, because you can also go to the Lange Hoeve for all kinds of presents or Christmas packages. As hospitable and friendly as Mieke and the staff, they take all the time to help you put together the best package in every price range. And also during my visit people come and go.

In another room of the cheese farm De Langehoeve I see Francine at beautiful large packing tables where the gifts and packages are packed with great care. For people who do not live in the area, they have a nice website where you can also order online. You can also find the cheeses from the Langehoeve at the Albert Heijn.

Education and entertainment during Francine bij de Lange Hoeve:

Besides the fact that cheeses are made day in and day out, the Lange Hoeve is much more than that! They have a beautiful attic where you can hold meetings or parties. They also offer all kinds of nice packages at the Lange Hoeve. For example, you can come and see for yourself on the open day and get an explanation and pet the cows. Can cheese golf be played and you can celebrate your children's party there.

Schools also have the opportunity to take a closer look at the process with the students. This way the children see that there is really more to it than just throwing the cheese in the trolley in the supermarket!

Francine at The Long Farm:

During this section of Francine at the Lange Hoeve, Mieke took all the time to answer my questions and show me the whole company. It is a hard-working family with a huge passion for their profession and pride for their product. This brand and you see everything! It was a very nice visit and I will definitely come again.

Address: Kleibergsestraat 2 4265 GB Genderen NB Tel:0146-352751

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