Francine At Vishandel Heinen

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 Francine At Vishandel Heinen

On Wednesday it is fishing day here at home. This is because Vishandel Heinen is close to us on Wednesdays. We then get tasty kibbeling, a snack and of course Dutch new ones. So Francine could not be missed in my column when visiting Edward. This cheerful Spakenburger, together with his permanent employee, has been in the same place for years and is therefore a household name in the region. This Francine Bij Vishandel Heinen gave some more background information which is always nice to hear.

The beginning:

Way back when the IJsselmeer was still just the Zuiderzee, Edward's grandfather fished at sea and then brought the catch back ashore in Spakenburg. This place is actually known throughout the Netherlands for good fish. His father and brothers are also in the fish trade. Edward's father started as a fish filleter at the wholesaler in Spakenburg. This fish was mainly intended for export. Long days from six in the morning to six in the evening filleting one fish after another. Eventually his father got the opportunity to take over a fishing business and that is how Heinen en sons fish trade started.

Passion for the profession:

Francine At Vishandel Heinen

In fact, it was clear quite early on that Edward was going to do something with fish. Now he had to go to school as a boy, but in his spare time he started as a barrel washer and later he also went to the market. School was clearly not his favorite activity, especially after he had tasted the freedom of acting for himself! With the aim of starting his own business, he finished his school properly and obtained all diplomas to be able to go into the itinerant trade. And eventually he got the opportunity to take over the business and start his own business. And his brothers also have a fishing cart.

The pitches:

Edward explains to me that most of the pitches have come to him via-via. Everywhere, of course, a permit must be requested from the municipality. Where previously only three days were spent driving away from Spakenburg, he now has five fixed days and five permanent stands where he sells his fish. The cart is filled and prepared for departure from his own company premises. The area where he sells his fish is in the North Brabant region. And that is still quite a drive from home.

Francine At Vishandel Heinen The fish:

Francine At Vishandel Heinen

The fish is purchased in Spakenburg, where there is a wholesaler where the fish is bought by Edward himself. He chooses his own fish. And where the fish used to be fished from our own sea, today the fish comes from all over the world. Of course there are fixed regions where certain fish species come from. For example, the salmon comes from Scotland or Norway and the pangasius from India and Vietnam. The herrings and mussels are traditionally Dutch and come from our own waters. And the fried kibbeling is from the pollack fish. That's a cod-like fish. Thanks to his many years of experience, he picks out the best quality in no time.

Quality assurance:

There is already a lot of control on the fish itself via the wholesaler. The quality, the way of breeding or catching and also at the destination itself. For example, there are already employees of the wholesaler itself on site who monitor the quality of the fish before it is exported to the Netherlands. But even after that, the treatment of the fish and its processing is very important. Temperature is a very important part of this. The fish is frozen immediately after the catch to keep it fresh. But the control of the cart is also important. Edward uses fresh oil every day in which the fish is fried. The cart is thoroughly cleaned daily and work is done neatly according to the applicable HACCP rules. He is also a member of the fish trade association.

Francine At Vishandel Heinen Sales:

When I ask how much fish is sold every day, Koopmans' knowledge comes to the fore. Because Edward has often been at the same locations for years, he knows his regular customers. He knows approximately how many fish to buy for each particular location. And to my surprise, sometimes 75 to 100 kilos of kibbeling and more than 50 kilos of gourmet food can be sold! Everything is prepared as fresh as possible in this cart. Do you want a herring? This is filleted and prepared for you on the spot, so you go home with the best quality. During my visit, the phone rings and the order is called in advance so that they can be picked up immediately freshly baked later. The enormous customer friendliness is beyond dispute!

The “secret recipe”:

Francine At Vishandel Heinen

When I ask if there is a secret recipe why his kibbeling are so good, he laughs. It is mainly the fresh products, the temperature of the baking, the fresh oil and a lot of love that do it for him. But also craftsmanship, of course, the fish goes through a special fish flour from Spakenburg's recipe. The trick is not to get an enormous thick layer around the fish, but just enough that the fish is nice and crispy and you don't just chew on baked flour. And the special fish herbs that are sprinkled over it also determine the taste.

Francine at Vishandel Heinen:

What a pleasant visit this was with Edward and Julian's regular employee. These two clearly have a lot of fun in their work because it is always fun and there is a good atmosphere. They know the name of almost every customer and their regular order, which is then sold with flair. But if you have a special order, you can pass it on to Edward. He then buys it fresh for you from the wholesaler and takes it for you. Customer-friendliness is paramount at Vishandel Heinen!


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Tuesday: Geertruidenberg (Venestraat)
Wednesday: Veen (near the Emte)
Thursday: Teteringen ( Scheperijplein)
Friday: Made (Supercoop parking lot)
Saturday: Cromvoirt (at the Emte)

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