Fried rice with chicken and cashew nuts

Fried rice with chicken and cashew nuts

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A typical Asian dish, fried rice. And also an ideal dish to put in a lot of vegetables, but also soft pieces kip. I made this fried rice with chicken and cashew nuts on a weekday. Tuesdays and Thursdays in particular are quite hectic for us because of my daughter's horseback riding. She drives just before dinner time so when we get back I don't want to spend hours in the kitchen. I could of course plan better or prepare in advance, but often I myself have just come home from an event or appointment and we have to move quickly. But this dish, fried rice with kip and cashew nuts is on the table in no time and the hungry stomachs can be filled! chicken and cashew nut recipe

Nice fried eggs on top!

Fried rice with chicken and cashew nuts

Ginger is widely used in Asian cuisine. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who really don't like it. And that while ginger still has many beneficial effects. Ginger helps with motion sickness and nausea. You have to eat quite a lot of it for that to have an effect. But it also acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Fried rice with chicken and cashew nuts
Drizzle some Ketjap on the plate, and over the egg for a sweet taste.

It is certainly useful if you suffer from stomach problems. You can certainly benefit from a daily ginger shot, as ginger is known for its digestive properties. And last but not least, ginger is also beneficial for your brain functions, especially memory. So, although with some resistance, I always try to add a little more ginger powder to my Asian dishes. But I will probably never become a real fan of this spicy flavor, despite the health benefits.

Fried rice with chicken and cashew nuts
A tasty dish made fairly quickly, and thoroughly enjoyed.

Here you will find the complete recipe with all the ingredients you need. I hope you have fun preparing the dish below.

Fried rice with chicken and cashew nuts

An easy and healthy meal, quickly on the table.

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Hallway: Main dish
Kitchen: Asian
Keyword: cashew nuts, egg, corn on the cob, bell pepper, rice
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Total time: 35 minutes
Servings: 4 people
calories: 737kcal
Author: Francine
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You need:


  • 300 gr brown rice
  • 4 chicken breast - in cubes
  • 1 blik mini corn on the cob
  • 1 rode p
  • 3 toes Garlic
  • 4 eggs
  • 100 gram cashew nuts
  • 3 spring onions - cut in rings
  • 4 el baked onions - (from jar)

Nice and easy: click on the logo of your favorite supermarket to add the ingredients.

And this is how you make it:

  • Cook the brown rice in a pan, following the directions on the package.
  • Cut the bell pepper into small strips. Chop the corn cobs. Chop the garlic and cut the chicken into cubes.
  • Place the chicken in a bowl and season to taste with the above herbs and spices. Add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and let it marinate for a while.
  • Take a wok and put some oil in it. Fry the chicken and add the bell pepper and corn on the cob. Bake until the chicken is almost cooked.
  • Drain the rice and let it drain well. Add the garlic to the wok with the chicken and add the rice as well. Stir-fry until the rice is nice and crispy and the chicken is cooked through.
  • In another frying pan, fry the eggs. If you want nice rounds like I do, bake them in a serving ring.
  • Spoon the rice onto the plates and pour a little ketjap over it. Place the egg on top and finish with the onion rings, fried onions, cashew nuts and possibly some black sesame seeds.
  • Delicious bites!
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chicken and cashew nut recipe

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