Delicious Bites Newsletter April 2021

Delicious Bites Newsletter April 2021

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We'll just have to write it down in pencil because you never know... the lockdown has been lifted! At least partly, because there are still some limitations. But the terraces are open again, no curfew, just being able to go to the shops again, freedom. Because I've found it all limiting lately. Let's hope we can keep these acquired freedoms and not be surprised again with a press conference. The month of April flew by again, you can read all about it in this Delicious Happen Newsletter April 2021.

Easter party

This year again no fun outside the door. Normally we go for brunch with the family and enjoy delicious bites outside the door. This year we made the best of it at home. But it wasn't really a punishment, because there was a lot of goodies on the table. This way I was able to expand the range of Easter recipes a bit.

This very nice chocolate scones, which are also top notch all year round.

Or this one puff pastry meat roll with egg in it.

and this one BLT eggs went viral on Instagram!

New collaboration with Campingaz

You've already seen him pass by in my stories: I got a fantastic outdoor kitchen delivered. The first recipe will be online next Wednesday 5 May. A very nice paella. So keep an eye on my site. Last year during our holiday in France I was able to practice a lot because there was also a gas bbq there. So in the coming months I will be working to provide you with nice bbq dishes. And then we don't just choose meat, but we also certainly let the vegetarian kitchen pass by. I can therefore proudly call myself a Campingaz ambassador. And something fun is coming for you too…. but I can't reveal that yet, so keep an eye on the newsletter!

Delicious Bites Newsletter April 2021

What was cooked in April?

A lot of great recipes came online again, these also did very well with you. We are in the middle of the asparagus season, so they are doing very well anyway. But the easy and fine dishes also remain a favorite. Not too many ingredients, but plenty of flavour, so the basics:

Looking forward to May

It's holiday time, but we're staying home this year. That means I have a lot of time in the kitchen again. Of course we're going to have a nice barbecue, but I also have plenty of other things to do. For example, I am busy cooking and photographing recipes for Lobke from the Kickstart Kitchen. I'll tell you more about that soon. I also follow a photography course to continue to develop and improve myself in that area. I find that very fun and educational.

Delicious Happen is a multi-media company, so you can also find me on various social media. follow me on FacebookPinterest en Instagram under @delicioushappen. If you make this recipe I would love it if you tagged me #delicioushappen. A comment below in the comments is also nice of course!

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