Delicious Happen newsletter July 2020

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The months fly by, don't you think? By working on a blog every day, I notice how quickly time passes. Sometimes you look for a photo of a recipe and it suddenly turns out to be a year old. Having a food blog is like having a time capsule. He takes you to delicious recipes, beautiful moments, and unforgettable fun events, and enjoy evenings with friends. In this Delicious Happen newsletter July 2020 I will take you through the month of July.

Events in the month of July

In the months before, events were on the back burner due to all the situations surrounding corona. Of course we couldn't get together and it's still exciting. Will it flare up again? Can we take risks? That is why I was allowed to have a bite to eat at a very nice initiative. That was at the largest one and a half meter restaurant in the Gashouder in Amsterdam. Neatly at 1,5 meters we ate a nice lunch prepared by star chefs.

Delicious Happen newsletter July 2020
Always fun with Luuk out and about! Even when it rains…

Tasting mussels

But also completely in the open air which was super safe, and a heavy downpour of rain when we drove there Luuk and I went to the opening of the bottom culture mussels season. A party every year, and a fantastic collaboration to inspire you to eat more mussels. Of course I wrote a nice report about that and that you read here.

The stems are canned bamboo, which gives extra flavor to the mussels.

Vacation, vacation, vacation!

And then it was time! Looked forward to a year and waited with clenched buttocks whether it became "code green" and the borders would open. Packed up in the car, we went to our beloved southern France. The first week we stayed in the northern part of Provence. Good food, enjoying lavender fields, buying wine, chilling in a private swimming pool. We enjoyed it.

Leucate, La Franqui by the sea

We spent the next two weeks on the coast. A lot cooler because of a nice sea breeze, relaxed evenings on our terrace, and hours of fun flying a kite on the beach. Here I have completely let go of blogging, making recipes. Also due to the lack of good Wi-Fi… this has made working only possible to a very limited extent. Working out these recipes is therefore done in August from my own office!

Delicious Happen newsletter July 2020
A highlight was definitely the ride along the beach with the horses.

The top recipes of the month of July:

Provencal grilled Toulouse sausage
Prepared on a grill plate, a plancha, a fantastic Toulouse sausage.

And that was it for the Delicious Happen newsletter July 2020, all in all a great month!

What can we expect for next month?

My birthday month, and this year it's a "big one" ... And as a surprise I can also enter this one Vienna go celebrate! So you will see plenty of that. The holiday I'm going to work out recipes, with the warm weather here in the Netherlands that's good!

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