Delicious Bites Newsletter July 2021

Delicious Bites Newsletter July 2021

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Hello well deserved vacation! Yes, Delicious Happen is leaving for France for a few wonderful weeks of Mediterranean sun. More than deserved because gosh it's been busy the past month. It seemed like everyone wanted to get something done quickly before the holidays. Super cool of course, but it was a lot of gas to get everything finished. We look back at the month of July in this Delicious Happen Newsletter July 2021.

The end of primary school

In principle, that doesn't have much to do with my blog, but here at home there was all the more stress. A musical, all kinds of things to complete at school. Lunch at school, snacks that I still had to make and bring. And then close the school doors behind you. On to a whole new phase and we are (almost) ready! So let's go on vacation for a while.

Delicious Bites Newsletter July 2021
A day in Yerseke is always fun!

Off to Zeeland

A spot in my agenda is reserved by default for the opening of the mussel season! Every year a party to be present here. For this I go to Yerseke every year and we get on the boat. The Zeeland waters to fish the first basket of mussels from the sea. This province has so much to offer, but the mussels have the leading role in my opinion. So delicious, and this year I have another wonderful collaboration with the Mussel Bureau to inspire you with delicious mussel recipes.

I was also a guest in Brabant at Smaak for a delicious vegan lunch. We got nice cocktails and delicious dishes. We regularly eat vegetarian at home and every now and then I experiment with vegan.

Delicious Bites Newsletter July 2021

What was cooked in July?

This tagliatelle scampi with avocado sauce was a real hit.

The coconut shrimp also scored well.

And I really liked your curiosity about the goat meat in the tagine!

Looking forward to August

Holidayeeeeeeee! This year Luke is going luukskitchen with us. That means laughing, screaming, roaring and lots of cooking in France. We are very much looking forward to it. Also my birthday is in August so that will be celebrated. So I wish you a very happy holiday and especially follow the stories on Instagram for all holiday adventures.

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