Delicious Bites Newsletter March 2021

Delicious Bites Newsletter March 2021

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We received a few bright spots at the beginning of the month, but it turned out that this could not continue. I am of course talking about that lockdown that we are all still in. The curfew, no more than one person visiting. Like many people, I think I'm kind of done with it. It has therefore been more than a year that we have been kept in a kind of wood grip. No prospect of fun outings, but also working on location. Now I like to be positive and I try to stay that way, but it's not really going well anymore. Read along in the Delicious Happen Newsletter March 2021.

puppy love

We are not only involved in the purchase of a new dog, the puppies are not available in the Netherlands. We bought a beautiful beagle puppy to add to our family. Olivia is a very naughty lady who likes to discover the world. All in all, it is not all doom and gloom, but we have a bundle of fun in the house. We take the short nights, only a few hours of sleep and the slices at home for granted. In the coming period I have my hands full with training, potty training and lots of walks. It took our other beagle Lilly at least half a year before she found people-food interesting, this lady is already standing next to me in the kitchen after a week. The nose is not broken shall we say!

Delicious Bites Newsletter March 2021

Delicious Bites Newsletter March 2021

With so many sitting at home, there was plenty of cooking:

Yes, what else shall we say? The corona kilos are still firmly on the hips, I can also pay a little more attention to that. But that's totally fine! The oven here is a frequently used appliance in the house and I baked some toppers:

Delicious Bites Newsletter March 2021
The cake, tomato and camembert.

The winner of March that you cooked from me: you can read them here in the Delicious Happen Newsletter March 2021

Carrot croissant with tasty egg mousse.

And this one meatballs with tomato sauce and green peas.

Without exception, the chicken thigh in mushroom cream sauce in the top 3.

April Preview

No vacation…. a curfew, no open catering, no events, it looks like next month will be another lockdown month. We will make the best of it again! Lots of rounds with the dogs, making lots of new recipes. And don't forget to continue with my photography course. That is definitely paying off at the moment!

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