Delicious Bites Newsletter May 2021

Delicious Bites Newsletter May 2021

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After a month of rain, wind, storm, sometimes even night frost, he is there: the sun! It will also be time we are now at the end of May and the summer season is about to start. In these delicious bites Newsletter May 2021 I have very nice news for you! For the time being, only for the people who shop at Jumbo, but even more supermarkets may be added. Of course a lot more happened so read on in this new newsletter blog.

New service on Delicious Happen!

Six months ago I was approached to participate in a new project. A project to make online shopping even easier. From now on you can fill your shopping basket directly from the recipe with one click on the icon. At the moment that is at the Jumbo. If you do your online shopping there, you can easily buy your favorite recipes from Delicious Happen. They have national coverage, so if you normally shop at another supermarket, you can still give it a try.

You can easily adjust the quantities in your basket. And you can also immediately see what it will cost! Shopping for multiple recipes? You can just go to the next recipe and fill up your basket with it. Super new, super exciting, if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me. Happy shopping 😉

Delicious Bites Newsletter May 2021
Example photo: Click on the icon and everything will appear in your shopping cart!

First mini event on location

For “discover the goat” I was allowed to visit farmer Jasper in Etten-Leur. a nice video of the visit there will be online soon. I'm also going to work with a recipe with goat meat. That is not very well known here in the Netherlands. That meat often goes straight to southern Spain. But tell yourself those delicious Mediterranean dishes, can't we just make them here? The goat milk products are super diverse from cheese, but also milk, ice cream and therefore meat. Much more about this coming soon.

photo credits: Xander van de Bettinehoeve shot him in the stable of farmer Jasper.

Delicious Bites Newsletter May 2021

What was cooked in May?

Also this month in theDelicious Bites Newsletter May 2021 again many fine new dishes that you again appreciated. We are still in the asparagus season so the asparagus in bechamel sauce was fully cooked. But you also know how to appreciate the guest foodies, and the Italian cuisine also scored very well. Below are a few highlights:

Last month's top three.

Looking ahead to June

Oh people June again, time really flies! June is traditionally the month of the New Herring. So we're going to do something fun with that. The lockdown is over so we're going out for dinner together again, do a day of sauna and we're going to work with nice summer recipes. You understand sitting still is not an agenda item here! Do you have certain ingredients that you would like to see a recipe cooked with, let me know in the comments, see you next month!

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