The French cheese board with brie and Compté

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The French Cheese Board

When I cook a dinner for friends, I can't miss a cheese board. And the French cheeses are the perfect opportunity to go all out! Now there are a number of rules that you have to keep in mind when compiling the French cheese board and we will discuss them here. examples of cheese boards

The amount of cheeses on your shelf:

the french cheese board

On the French Cheese Boards you experience at least 3 or 4 different cheeses, 5 is also possible. There are a number of main categories: white mold, goat and sheep cheeses, blue mold cheeses, red flora cheeses, and hard/semi-hard cheeses. For each type of cheese you cut off pieces of around 25 grams. That way you end up with a board of around 100 grams per person. Your specialist cheesemonger sells all these types of cheeses. You can also very well look for a nice wine from the same region of your cheese.

What's on the French Cheese Board:

  • Epoisses from the Cote D'Or
  • Brie de Meaux from Meaux near Paris
  • Compté from the Jurassic
  • St agur from the Auvergne
  • Chaource from Champagne/Burgundy
the french cheese board

All these cheeses have an AOC quality mark ( Appelation d'Origine Controle ) which is a very strict control. It is checked on: area, the food of the cattle, the type of milk for production, the ripening method, the quality control, the area where the cattle reside. As a cheese producer, you want to be able to stick that sticker on your cheese.

The order of food:

the french cheese board

If you want to put all your cheeses on the shelf, you do this in a strict order. You eat them from mild to spicy. As a hostess (host) you make sure that you explain to your guest on which side they should start. Nowadays it's okay to unpack a bit with your shelf. For example, you can add delicious homemade jam, fresh grapes, nut bread, and fresh figs. Also here is not too much because after the plate comes the dessert with coffee.

The drink with the French Cheese Board:

I said before that you can best serve a nice wine from the region of the cheese, often when you think of cheese you think of a red wine, but choose a light wine. Red port is also a welcome guest with cheese, but white port is also fine. If you are not a wine lover, you can easily serve a light Belgian beer.

Take the cheeses out of the fridge about half an hour before you serve them, let them come to room temperature.

Then all I can say is: Delicious!

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examples of cheese boards

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