Homemade shake & bake cupcakes

HomeMade shake & bake cupcakes

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I'm not a huge baker myself. I often find the recipe complicated and a lot is involved before you conjure up a nice result. What an outcome it was when I asked the question from HomeMade baking mixes asked if I wanted to test the new shake&bake baking mixes. Now we have been a fan of HomeMade here at home for a while. My daughter especially loves the spice cake. It really can't fail so I was very excited to get started with the Homemade shake & bake cupcakes. homemade shake and bake

Shake & bake

The new mixes come in nice packaging. They are a kind of milk cartons that are partly filled with the baking mix. The only thing you have to add yourself is water or milk. On the side of the suit is a kind of viewing window where you can see exactly how much liquid you have added. Before you start, it is important that you first shake the pack. This way you shake the baking mix loose and it mixes better without getting lumps. Once you've added the milk or water, it's "shaking"! Shake the pack vigorously until you have a nice smooth baking mix!

Homemade shake & bake cupcakes
HomeMade also has a super cheerful website with tasty recipes and fun ideas.

HomeMade shake & bake cupcakes: Let's bake!

There are now three different baking mixes in this line. Pancakes, waffles, and cupcakes. Well here at home it soon became clear which ones had to be tested first: cupcakes and pancakes! For convenience, I took a pack of pancake mix with me to our holiday address and that was really a godsend. Just add some milk, shake and bake! Back home we started working on the cupcakes. Very nice to do this with my daughter without it immediately becoming a huge mess in the kitchen.

Homemade shake & bake cupcakes
In oven with the cupcakes and bake!

Homemade shake & bake cupcakes

The only thing we have left extra I needed were those fun colored cupcake cases that I put in a cupcake tin just to be safe. Otherwise it will expand in the oven. Then bake in the oven and then cool and shoot! Because it is impossible to deliver this entire article without nice photos. Jools was my top model for the afternoon. We topped the cupcake with a generous dollop of whipped cream and some tasty sprinkles and then it was a feast.

Homemade shake & bake cupcakes
My daughter as a model for the delicious cupcakes!

Happiness is Home Made

As far as I'm concerned, a company that has been around since 2004 has now earned its stripes. For me it is also the ease with which you can put something delicious on the table in a relatively short time that I choose HomeMade. But they continue to be innovative, such as with the summer Radler cake and now also the new shake & bake baking mixes.

This blog was written in a paid partnership with HomeMade baking mixes.

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homemade shake and bake

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