Naan with salmon and artichoke

Naan with salmon and artichoke

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Fancy a nice sandwich? Here in the pantry there is always a package just naan. Yes, you can easily make it yourself, but sometimes convenience serves people. And you certainly made this naan with salmon and artichoke easy. In principle, you can invest it with whatever you feel like, or what's in your fridge. We combine salmon with herb cream cheese. That too is a match made in heaven!

Naan with salmon and artichoke
You can easily cut a naan with a pizza cutter.

Naan with salmon and artichoke

I buy the artichokes in a jar at the supermarket, because you can only buy them fresh for a limited time during the season, and it is quite a hassle to obtain a number of artichoke hearts. You have to boil them first, then remove the leaves and then remove the hay. So I don't think it's worth doing it yourself. I find it much easier to use them ready-made in my dishes.

All in all, this really is a delicious, delicious sandwich! You can experiment to your heart's content and vary with the ingredients that you personally like best. Imagine, for example, you can also choose a completely different type of cheese, perhaps a spicy or creamy variant. Or change the dressing to something exotic or classic, and the same goes for the toppings; the possibilities are endless.

Make it unique and personal. After all, it's your party! So give free rein to your culinary creativity and enjoy the moment when you taste your homemade, custom-made sandwich.

Naan with salmon and artichoke
Have a nice lunch in the sun with a nice sandwich, all this is great.

Below is the full recipe with ingredients. Have fun making the recipe below. Delicious bites!

Naan with salmon and artichoke

Naan with salmon and artichoke

A delicious sandwich for a nice brunch or lunch.

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Hallway: lunch
Kitchen: European
Keyword: cherry tomatoes, capers, naan, salmon
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Total time: 10 minutes
Servings: 2 people
calories: 642kcal
Author: Francine
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You need:

oven or grill pan
pizza cutter


  • 2 naan breads
  • 250 gram smoked salmon
  • 4 el herb cream cheese
  • 2 twigs Parsley - finely chopped
  • 1 el capers
  • 10 Cherry tomatoes - cut in the middle
  • 4 artichoke hearts - cut into pieces
  • 2 jalapeño pepper

Nice and easy: click on the logo of your favorite supermarket to add the ingredients.

And this is how you make it:

  • Bake the naan briefly in the oven at 180 degrees or in a grill pan. (about 2/3 minutes)
  • Spread the naan with the herb cream cheese and cover it with the rest of the ingredients.
  • Cut into pieces with the pizza cutter and serve.
  • Delicious bites!
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Naan with salmon and artichoke

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