About Francine and Delicious Happen

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About Francine

About Francine: I've been eating good food for as long as I can remember. Back when I was little and asked, “Mom, what are we eating today?”, the standard answer was “Yummy”!

About Francine

With parents who are not afraid to let you eat a snail under the guise “Tonight we eat very expensive mushrooms”, I ate very varied from a young age and discovered the flavors of the world.
We went out for dinner regularly and the homemade recipes were always fresh, a seed for the future was planted.

The beginning

During my first year in rooms, I didn't get much further than chicken wings and a large bowl of lettuce…. But a person needs variety and so I gradually started making different small recipes. When the compliments started pouring in, it gave me the confidence to really get started.

A visit to the supermarket, the fresh market and the marché abroad are no punishment for me. Stroll around and taste everything. But also get inspiration from the caterer or during a dinner in a nice restaurant. That gives me inspiration. This way I get new ideas at home and these are not super complicated and impossible to follow recipes. They are usually ideas for tasty dishes that can be made and reached by everyone.

Delicious bites

Food influencer of the year Dutch catering awards
Food influencer of the year Dutch catering awards

For a number of years people have been calling me: “You really have to do something with your food and your passion for cooking!”.

And that moment has now arrived in the form of this cooking blog. Here I share my love for good food with people who don't regularly sit at my table. This way you can get started with all my recipes and give them your own twist. Together we are going to have a great time.

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