About Delicious Happen business

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About Delicious Happen business

Delicious Happen originated as a hobby. This hobby has now grown into a full-time job. The time in Delicious bites sitting down will have to pay back a bit. Therefore, sponsored content may appear on the site. It will always be clear to the reader when it comes to sponsored parts. When the item has been paid for, it will be stated with the item. In Over Delicious Happen business I try to briefly explain the possibilities. If you have any questions, you can of course always contact record with me.

Advertisements & Sponsorship

It is possible to advertise on this blog. This can be done, for example, by sponsoring an ingredient in a recipe or via the Francine section at. In the section Francine at, I sometimes visit sponsored companies to draw attention to a product that fits well with Delicious Happen. It is also possible to advertise on the site. The sponsored recipe or sponsored article always clearly indicates that this concerns sponsorship.


De recipes are made by Francine herself. These are recipes composed by myself, sometimes using sources. When a recipe is (largely) copied from another source, this will be stated in the recipe.

For questions about collaboration or to request an up-to-date media kit, please here contact me. Whatsapp: +31-6-48491814

Delicious Happen is part of Francine Koken & Media. Francine Koken & Media is registered as a company at the Chamber of Commerce under number: 72682760

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