Product review Byzoo sous vide stick

Product review Byzoo sous vide stick

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Product reviews are a lot of fun to do. It often takes a lot of time because of course you want to get to know the device well. How does it work? What's the best way to use it? When I was asked by to test and review this sousvide stick, I was immediately enthusiastic. Because for me sousvide cooking was something that is mainly done in restaurants. Read this product review Byzoo sousvide stick quickly to read how I experienced it.

A sous-vide stick is a device used for preparing food through sous-vide cooking. This is a technique where the food is cooked in a vacuum-sealed bag in a temperature-controlled water bath. The sous-vide stick keeps the temperature of the water bath constant and allows the user to accurately control the cooking process. This allows you to easily and accurately prepare dishes with a consistent texture and taste.

Cooking sous-vide

Ok let's start at the beginning. Sous-vide is the French word for "under vacuum". Which means we are “vacuum cooking”. This means that you package products under vacuum and let them cook at a relatively low temperature in a water bath. The advantage is that this happens under a constant temperature and that the product is cooked evenly and gradually.

Product review Byzoo sous vide stick
Vacuum pulled marinated short ribs.

vacuum cooking

You will also need a vacuum device to use the sous vide stick. You put the product in the vacuum bag together with, for example, fresh herbs, or you marinate the meat, fish or vegetables. Pulling the vacuum into the bag opens the pores of the product and allows the flavors to penetrate well into the product. This only gives extra taste! By placing the bag in the water and letting it cook far below the boiling point, the product cooks evenly and remains much more tender!

Product review Byzoo sous vide stick
The stick is very easy to place in a pan.

The Byzoo sous-vide stick

The device weighs hardly anything and is very easy to use. You can put it in a large pan. You then fill this with water and set the time via the control panel. The appliance comes with a handy mounting ring that you can attach to your pan. That way he can't fall over and stand still. And that is quite handy because you can cook a piece of meat for up to 72 hours.

Product review Byzoo sous vide stick
For example, you can also use it to slowly cook your vegetables.

Using it for the first time

Setting the time and desired temperature is quite easy and you can get started very quickly. I've used the Byzoo sousvide stick a number of times now and I can't help but be positive. It's compact enough to store in your kitchen cabinet or drawer. And you don't have to buy an extra bath, it just fits in your pan. I made short ribs which I cooked sous-vide for over 48 hours and the meat was very tender. Every now and then you have to top up the water if it's been in the pan for that long. But with short use that is certainly not necessary!

Both the meat and the vegetables are cooked sousvide and then grilled for the end result.

Product review Byzoo sous vide stick

Basically the possibilities are endless! Meat, fish, vegetables you can prepare everything sousvide. That makes it a value-added appliance for me in my kitchen

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  1. For those who don't have a vacuum cleaner, it also seems to be possible with what they call 'water displacement method'. The air is blown out by the pressure of the water. How that works exactly and do's and don'ts is best done on Google and/or YouTube.

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