Product review of the Byzoo drying oven

Product review of the Byzoo drying oven

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Did you already see the review of the sous vide stick from Byzoo, so I can now also write a product review of the Byzoo dehydrator mini DH02. Perhaps not an everyday device for your kitchen, but certainly no less fun. Drying ovens offer numerous options that you can apply. The advantage of drying food, for example, is that you can store it longer.

Product review of the Byzoo drying oven
It is a small compact oven.

The drying oven

The Byzoo mini DH02 is a small drying oven. The oven has 6 drying trays that you can slide into the oven. The door has a glass section through which you can look into the oven during the drying process without having to open the oven. Because in this oven the airflow is moved horizontally through the oven, the air is evenly distributed.

The oven is super easy to operate. On top is a small control panel where you can enter the time and temperature. Do you really have no idea what you can dry? When ordering this oven, a very handy “drying book” is also included. Here are many nice recipes with the corresponding temperature and recipe.

Product review of the Byzoo drying oven: Sausage in the drying oven

In addition to fruit, herbs, flowers, you can also dry meat and fish in the dehydrator. When I tested the oven for the first time, I immediately started making dry sausage. This is an easy process that normally takes weeks! I bought sausages from the butcher and attached them to a drying rack. The sausage first went into the dryer for 20 hours. Now you will think wow that consumes a lot of energy but that is not too bad. The device consumes 500 watts, which amounts to approximately 0,11 cents per hour. After those 20 hours, the sausage was not yet dry enough to our liking and it was finally used for 30 hours. drying ovens

Product review of the Byzoo drying oven
With a little patience you have a delicious dried sausage!

Dried fruit

In addition to sausage, I also dried fruit in it. You can use this, for example, to add to your granola. But you can also make “fruit leather” with it. This is a kind of pure fruit candy that you can roll up or cut into pieces. I dried slices of lemons and blood oranges in 8 hours. They became nice and crispy and sweet and sour in taste. The advantage of this device is that it switches itself off after the set drying time. So you can just leave or let it dry overnight. You don't have to worry about the fruit burning or getting too dry.

Especially the blood orange looks beautiful after drying.


Because drying is a process that you cannot do in one go, I will be working hard with several types of fruit, vegetables and herbs in the near future and I will post some recipes at a later time.

Product review of the Byzoo drying oven
Drying herbs is also very easy.

Product review of the Byzoo drying oven

Are you also interested in such a device and do you want to get started at home with this cool drying oven? Then go to the website of

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