Restaurant review of Kimchi Boulevard

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Restaurant review of Kimchi Boulevard

“Experience a culinary journey through Korean cuisine”. A promising title of the deal I got to try for Social Deal. And with a discount of no less than 50% you can now eat a delicious 16.95-course dinner for only 5. Normally I don't choose Asian cuisine so quickly and I was therefore pleasantly surprised by all the dishes we tasted. You can read exactly what we tasted in this restaurant review of Kimchi Boulevard. asian boulevard kimchi


Kimchi Boulevard is located just outside the center of Tilburg and is very easy to reach. Parking in front of the door was no problem, we could just step inside. The name "boulevard" is correct because Kimchi boulevard is located on a long street. The entire building has a beautifully lit facade that indicates the different parts of the restaurant. And from the outside we can already see that it is nice and busy in the restaurant. Upon entering there are all cozy tables with benches where you can sit. This gives a very cozy atmosphere.

Restaurant review of Kimchi Boulevard

Korean 5-course dinner

As I said I don't eat Asian cuisine very often so this deal was actually one outside my comfort zone. But because I like to taste new things and get to know other cuisines, I was surprised at Kimchi boulevard.

After we were assigned a table, our drink was immediately taken and we were asked if we were familiar with the concept. The girl explained to us what we could expect and that we could also get started ourselves. All tables contain a kind of BBQ-Grill device that you will operate yourself.

Gang 1

Restaurant review of Kimchi Boulevard

The first course was brought to us right away and is a combination of different side dishes. We got spinach with sesame seeds, spicy cucumber pieces, fresh atjar, and of course the kimchi. This is a traditional dish of Korean cuisine. It is fermented cabbage and vegetable. This one is full of various vitamins, fiber and calcium. So I had to taste it. And it certainly is spicy, even a bit too spicy for my taste!

Gang 2

Restaurant review of Kimchi Boulevard

The choice for the second course is a choice between lamb skewers or chicken skewers with cumin seeds. We both opted for the lamb skewers. These are deliciously seasoned and very tender. All dishes are served on nice small dishes or saucers. We also get steel chopsticks to eat with. We both think this is very good, so we also think a bit about the environment.

Gang 3

Restaurant review of Kimchi Boulevard

The third course is a soup. My table mate chose the Korean salmon soup and I the sweet tomato soup. Both soups are tasty and the salmon soup contains delicious pieces of salmon and lots of vegetables. This soup is a lot spicier than the classic soup I chose.

Gang 4

Restaurant review of Kimchi Boulevard

When we are ready for course number 4, we receive an explanation about the grill at our table and we can decide for ourselves how high or how low we set it. We get a basket of fresh lettuce leaves, a bowl of fried rice and a platter with different types of meat. There are also seasoned prawns and fresh vegetables. Both types of meat are already nicely marinated.

We get started, we use the lettuce leaves to make a kind of wrap with everything we have put on the grill. It smells very nice at the table and all around us you can hear a light hissing coming from the grill. asian boulevard kimchi

Gang 5

After all this delicious food, we still have dessert. We get a scoop of ice cream with a red velvet cake and some whipped cream with strawberry sauce. I order another cup of tea. The Korean tea is served in a cute teapot with a matching cup and is therefore the end of a successful evening for us.


Restaurant review of Kimchi Boulevard

This restaurant review from Kichmi Boulevard was made in collaboration with Social Deal

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