Restaurant review of restaurant Versus

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Restaurant review of restaurant Versus

The Far East vs the West? On the corner of Korte Putstraat and Kerktstraat in the heart Den Bosch you will find Versus, restaurant and fashion cafe. But instead of Fashion, it might as well be called Fusion. They mix the best of both worlds here! So read this restaurant quickly review of restaurant Versus and enjoy!

Location Location

Restaurant review of restaurant Versus

It is sometimes said that location is everything for your restaurant or company, well that is absolutely true for Versus. You will find the restaurant and fashion café on the corner of Korte Putstraat and Kerkstraat in Den Bosch. And what a cosiness that street exudes. All cozy terraces next to each other and we even had live musicians who passed by. And so we imagined ourselves on vacation for a while. We were welcomed very nicely on arrival and were allowed to choose where we wanted to sit. Of course we chose the terrace outside with this lovely weather.

the ambiance

Den Bosch

What a nice decor did Versus say! Beautiful large chandeliers and beautiful dark colors. All very nicely styled, so it can certainly bear the name fashion café. But you can also relax outside on the terrace with the nice soft cushions and a patio heater that hung above our heads. On the table was a sweet little flower vase containing gerberas in the colors red & yellow. The colors of Den Bosch. Such small details already indicate that they have an eye for detail.

The 3-course menu

When we have had a nice drink we look at the menu. And to our surprise there are nine very nice dishes on it. It is rare that we have trouble choosing because everything seems good to us. We decide that we both choose a different dish for each course so that we can taste as much as possible. Because that's what it's all about! It is clear from the menu that this is about fusion cooking. Beautiful sushi dishes, but you can also choose a steak or spaghetti.

The appetizer

Restaurant review of restaurant Versus

The first course consisted of a Thom Kha Kai, a nice spicy Thai coconut soup with fresh vegetables in it. I chose the Carpaccio inside out roll myself. When the dishes are served I am pleasantly surprised because the sushi rolls look really delicious. The owner explains to me that I should only try one without using soy sauce. It is a very nice combination with a lot of taste. The soup is also approved by my table companion who gets a nice blush on his cheeks from the soup!

the intermediate dish

Restaurant review of restaurant Versus

When we are served the intermediate course, I see delicious spring rolls on a nice slate platter. Rolled in are some vegetables and delicious pieces of crispy fried Peking duck. With it a spicy sauce and a hoisin sauce and I especially like the latter. The Saba seviche looked nice but had a little less taste. We reported this to the service and they immediately brought another intermediate dish and so we were able to enjoy it.

Restaurant review of restaurant Versus

The main course

As a main course I chose a steak and my table companion chose the salmon spaghetti. I was neatly asked how I wanted my steak and when it was served it turned out to be a real surprise. Under a layer of mushroom sauce, a perfectly cooked steak emerged. It had a nice grill taste and was cooked nicely medium. Of course I also tasted some of the spaghetti and this plate also had a nice combination of the two worlds. The spaghetti in combination with the baked salmon and sauce were well in proportion.

Restaurant review of restaurant Versus

All in all, we spent a pleasant evening on the terrace and enjoyed the various dishes. For me, the sushi was head and shoulders above the rest! So I can definitely recommend this one to try.

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