Restaurant review of Ries food and drinks

Restaurant review of Ries food and drinks

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Restaurant review of Ries Food and Drink

A nice evening out? Ries Eten & Drinken is located on the Kruisstraat in the heart of Den Bosch near the station. Here you can enjoy a delicious 3-course dinner together for only 22,50 (A discount of up to 39%!) So I was allowed to go out again for Social Deal and went to the Burgundian Den Bosch. What a lovely city that is! Here I share with you my restaurant review of Ries Eten en Drinken. Read along quickly.

Den Bosch

Restaurant review of Ries food and drinks

I myself live fairly close to Den Bosch, so I regularly visit this wonderful Burgundian city. Even on a Tuesday night when I walk to the restaurant the city is buzzing. Terraces with candles on the table, people smiling and toasting, a city that is really buzzing with life. I park my car in the “Wolvenhoek” which is only a five minute walk from the restaurant. My table companion comes from the station and that is also nearby. We meet in front of the restaurant and together we step inside for a wonderful evening.

the ambiance

Restaurant review of Ries food and drinks

We are greeted by a very nice girl who lets us choose a table ourselves. Ries is a nice cozy restaurant with about ten tables. We choose to take a seat at the back of the restaurant. This way we can take our food photos and we have an overview of the open kitchen where the chef is standing. He also has a nice overview of all tables and can see exactly what is happening. At Ries they have opted for beautiful pastel shades on the walls in combination with light wooden panels. All in all it gives the restaurant a nice calm atmosphere. It smells delicious and that predicts a bit that we will eat so well.

The menu

The deal I got is for a 3 course dinner. We are presented with the card that states exactly what to expect. Ries has chosen to offer you some extra options to expand the menu. You can choose an extra intermediate dish or a matching wine arrangement. Also these at very reasonable prices. At the moment we are still in the last tail of the asparagus season and you can see that in the dishes. We find this “white gold” in both the starter and the main course. We order a drink and receive a basket of bread which is deliciously warm. There is also a nice slice of fleur de Sel butter. A fine grass-fed butter with sea salt.

The appetizer

Restaurant review of Ries food and drinks

The starter is a fish dish. Ries has made a rillette of sea bass with marinated Albcore tuna. Add a few pieces of delicious cooked asparagus and two gels of soy and cucumber. It is served to us on beautiful mint green plates that match the ambiance of the restaurant very nicely. The layout of the plate is like a little party and when we taste the dish we agree that it is a great dish. Big enough to wake up our taste buds and it leaves us hungry for the main course.

The main course

Restaurant review of Ries food and drinks

The serving of the dishes is neatly timed. This is of course also because the chef has a beautiful view over the restaurant. This way he can see exactly when we are done with our starter and a little later the main course arrives. We are served a beef diamond fillet on a skewer. It is cooked just right and deliciously juicy. This includes a delicious tarragon sauce and various pieces of vegetables. Again two delicious white asparagus and my table companion and I love them. So that was a hit. With the main course we also get a basket of tasty thick chips served. The nice thing about it is the homemade mustard mayonnaise. As far as we're concerned, that really gives it something extra and it tastes fantastic. Of course we are curious about dessert….

The dessert

We can be brief about dessert: Great! Delicious marinated strawberries, completely in season now. The cheesecake and the piece of gingerbread that is on our plate also tastes great. Topped off with a fresh cherry and some fresh mint leaves, we have a nice plate in front of us. To end the evening we take a nice fresh mint tea and we get chocolates and fudge served with it.

Restaurant review of Ries Food and Drink

As far as we are concerned it was a successful evening. Tasty dishes with seasonal products. Would you like to have a nice bite to eat at Ries, just like us? then click here for the deal of Social Deal. I wish you a tasty evening in the heart of Den Bosch.


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