Review of The Heroes of Kien

Review of The Heroes of Kien

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When you call your restaurant "De Helden van Kien" it naturally creates an expectation. And did they live up to this expectation? This time it brought me to a beautiful nature reserve in the Brabant country. Read my review of De Helden Van Kien and judge for yourself!

James Kien

First a little bit of history that hides behind the name of this restaurant. The restaurant is located in the Kienehoef recreation area. This is therefore named after Jacobus Kien who was stadtholder. A man of great esteem, and who owned a lot of land. His dream was a place where one could enjoy the beautiful surroundings after the work has been done. A place where people could come together and enjoy products from the region. What started as a tea house has now grown into a large park with a beautiful restaurant.

review of the heroes of kien

Review of De Helden van Kien: The first impression

Unfortunately when we arrive it is already dark and we can't see much of the area anymore. But as a kind of beacon we see the gate emerging and the lights of the restaurant in the distance. Inside we are warmly welcomed and taken to our table. The restaurant has a fresh and modern look. With different types of tables and corners, they have managed to create a kind of living room effect. We are immediately asked if we want something to drink and we get an explanation about the menu. This is a surprise menu and so we wait and see what the evening will bring us.

Review of The Heroes of Kien
A nice and fresh look.

4-course surprise menu

We are first asked if we have any dietary requirements or allergies and soon afterwards we are served the first course. And that looks promising. We get a panna cotta of tomato, soybeans, purple cauliflower and fried mussels. The plate is nicely laid out and we are served with nice break bread with aioli and tapenade.

The Intermediate Passage

The next course is the intermediate course and that turns out to be a soup. We are served a nice bowl with a crispy fried wonton, filled with vegetables. The girl pours a beef broth over it from a jug. I would have liked two wontons there, but the broth is a bit too salty for us.

Review of The Heroes of Kien
A delicious crispy wonton, before the boullion was added.

Review of De Helden van Kien: The main course

As a main course we get long fillet with picked candied peel, truffle sauce and some seasonal vegetables. There will also be a tasty cone with fries and mayonnaise on the table. The meat is well flavored and the sauce goes well with it. The restaurant has a friendly atmosphere and we are nicely served, we are regularly asked if we would like something to drink.

Main dish
Long fillet with truffle sauce and a tasty cone of fries.
The dessert

When it's time for dessert, we ask whether it is possible to choose a cheese board. Unfortunately, that turns out not to be possible. Although what is served on the plates looks very nice, it is unfortunately not our taste. We realize that this is a very personal choice, but my plate goes back to the kitchen untouched.

DessertThe sweet dessert, including ice cream, macarons and a coffee pannacotta.
Review of The Heroes of Kien

And with that we conclude our evening and our visit to “De Helden van Kien”. Dinner was undeniably tasty. As a single recommendation, I would advise the chef to consider a savory option in addition to the sweet desserts for guests who prefer this. If you would like to experience the culinary experience at Kien yourself, click here for the relevant offer.

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