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De Christmas period has arrived again, and so is the question: “What is on the table for Christmas dinner this year?” I have been Skype with my American girlfriend for a number of years and they are already celebrating a true American dinner party a bit earlier than us. It's Thanksgiving, of course, and traditionally she cooks a turkey. When I see the photos, my mouth is watering and I think every time that that is a dish I want to make myself. And this year it will! I was given the opportunity to prepare a real Dutch sustainable turkey. Just in time for Christmas so I can show you how easy it really is. And so you sit at the table without stress with a beautiful piece of meat. Read my here review from

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Five whole kilos cooked to perfection in the oven.

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The turkey, massaged with salt, pepper and butter.

You are probably familiar with the concept of, where you buy a number of pieces of meat from a cow with several people. Only when it is completely sold is it slaughtered. They now also have a turkey for sale through this method of crowd-butching. Bought directly from the farmer, 100% traceable, healthy and sustainable. If you want to stuff your turkey yourself, you can of course do that, they also sell a ready-to-cook version.

On the website you can see how much has already been sold.

Where do these belling birds forage?

You know unmistakably that you hear a turkey by its distinctive sound. And what a choir that will be on the farm of farmer Anton Jacobs in Rijkevoort! A pioneer in turkey rearing. They either run loose in the meadow here, or they forage in a converted cow shed on bedding. The animals have an average of 1 square meter per turkey available.

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This is 3 times the requirement for an organic turkey! He therefore uses free-range turkeys for the Christmas turkey. It is a slow growing animal and it gets special food. No antibiotics, they are kept 100% natural.

All you need is time, because otherwise it is not difficult. Just pop it in the oven and bake.

What should you pay attention to when preparing?

-It is very important that you have a large oven. Because as you may know, they are not small critters. The turkey is approximately 40 cm long, 24 cm wide and 12 cm high.

Filled with minced turkey, and tasty herbs.

-It is delivered partially frozen to your home, so keep in mind that you defrost it in time. The turkey comes with a refrigerated transport so make sure you are at home when it is delivered. For that you get a neat time slot in which they visit you, even in the evening!

-The turkey is already partly deboned and stuffed, which makes preparing very easy. You can certainly eat it with ten people.

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A good boy that you can enjoy with the whole family.

What did Delicious Happen think of it?

And then of course my experience, because that's what you want to know. I have to say I really enjoyed this one review to do because it had been on my to-cook list for a long time! It was easy to prepare, easy to follow the steps, and most importantly, it was delicious! So I can recommend you if you are with a nice large group this year with Christmas put a whole turkey on the table!

Stuffed turkey
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5 thoughts on “Review of Koopeenkalkoen nl”

  1. 5 stars
    Eaten a delicious stuffed turkey for Christmas.
    I prepared the turkey in a roasting bag so that the meat doesn't dry out and you don't have to baste the turkey every so often.
    Everything else was done according to the description.
    Maybe an idea to supply a roasting bag.

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