Rooibos shots healthy from the inside

Rooibos shots healthy from the inside

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Rooibos tea healthy? Yes, of course! This tea contains antioxidants, vitamin C, calcium and iron. In South Africa they have known the healthy effect of this plant for thousands of years. The plant grows around the Cederberg Mountains in an incredibly beautiful nature reserve. A three-hour drive from Cape Town, this is the only place on earth where the plant chose to live. Something so special must be shared with the whole world. "Go Bos!" a South African proverb meaning to act crazy in a fun way.

And they do that at Bos with these Rooibos shots healthy from the inside. Because being healthy can be fun! And with four shots with fun names like “Bounce back”, “Let it glow”, “Chill out” and “Gut a Problem” you give yourself that extra boost!

Four different rooibos shots.

Rooibos what exactly is that?

Good rooibos tea, you've probably had it before. But do you have any idea what's actually in it? Or what health benefits it has? It is full of antioxidants that indeed slow the aging process. No, you will not find eternal youth with it. But it certainly helps you feel more energized. Rooibos is known as a “superfood”. It is caffeine free and contains no tannins.

It contains electrolytes that help regulate your blood pressure and is anti-inflammatory. Known in South Africa for years as a remedy for many skin problems. And a cup of tea before going to sleep? It has a slightly relaxing effect, good night!

The four shots of rooibos shots healthy from the inside:

Bounce Back: Immunity

Brewed organic rooibos, orange juice, lemon juice, ginger extract, turmeric extract, Vitamin C, that's in this shot. A bottle to boost your immune system.

Rooibos shots healthy from the inside
bounce back immunity

Chill Out: CBD

Stress is very bad for a person, so chill out and relax. Brewed organic rooibos, grape juice, cherry juice, and CBD. That is cannabinoid that ensures that our cells in our body remain in balance. The cherry juice is rich in melatonin which ensures that you can sleep well. So chill out and relax!

Rooibos tea
Chill out and relax!

Let It Glow: Collagen anti-aging

Oh if only we could always have a beautiful, wrinkle-free face…. brewed organic rooibos, collagen, strawberries and raspberry juice that is in this shot. Collagen ensures good skin elasticity and well-hydrated skin. The strawberries and raspberries provide a lot of vitamin C and help your skin glow.

Rooibos tea
Drink you handsome and younger

Gut A Problem : Probiotic

Do you have problems with your intestines? Probiotic bacteria can help keep your gut healthy. In combination with brewed organic rooibos, grape juice and apple cider vinegar, a great support for your intestines.

rooibos tea healthy
Healthy from the inside out.

Rooibos shots healthy from the inside

So supporting yourself in a tasty and fun way is the motto at Bos! Rooibos tea is healthy and tasty. Don't know it yet but are you curious?

This blog was written in collaboration with Bos
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