Rosé fan? Fleur tells you everything!

Rosé fan? Fleur tells you everything!

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How is rose wine made? Are you a rosé fan? Fleur tells you everything! This blog is about the favorite pink terrace wine. Rose is made from red grapes. Exactly the same as red wine, only the skins last less long in the process. Rose owes its beautiful color to this: the peels. The juice of grapes is always white. How is it possible that there are so many different shades of pink? You can see them from light pink to dark pink. This just depends on which grapes the winegrower used and how long the skins lasted in the process of making the wine. Rosé fan? Fleur tells you everything!

Difference in color

Spanish rose wines are mainly dark pink in color, this is because they are often made from the Tempranillo grape and this grape is dark in color. If you look at Provence where the famous names like AIX and Miraval come from, Syrah, Cinsault and Grenache grapes are used, which are lighter in color. 

Is there also a difference in taste if the rose wine has a different color? In general, rose wines that are lighter in color are slightly less fruity and drier in taste. The very dark rose wines are generally a bit stiffer, because there are more tannins in the rose wine. 

Rosé fan? Fleur tells you everything!

Rose wine and its origins

Just like red and white wine, there are countless different types of rose wine and they all differ in taste. What does a lot to the taste of rose is the climate. It is often the case that if the grapes have had more sun that you get a fruitier wine, this is because the grape ripens by the sun. When you drink a rosé wine from the “new world” (term for wines outside of Europe), the scents of ripe strawberry and red berries meet you. While a rosé from France, for example, has a more mineral taste and sometimes even a bit spicy.

Rosé fan? Fleur tells you everything! Her 5 favorites:

Now that the sun is showing itself more and more, we are looking forward to rosé en masse. I think why we associate summer with rosé is because it looks cozy. And because most rosé wines are nice and fruity. The smell of strawberries, a nice chilled glass and then that delicious pink color, that makes us happy, right?!

Although I am aware that you can drink rosé all year round, I am actually just like the rest of the world: I choose it as soon as the sun comes out! As with red and white wine, there are countless varieties of rosé. Today I will take you on a world trip with my absolute top 5 rosé wines.

Rosé fan? Fleur tells you everything!

1- Moët et Chandon Ice Imperial Rosé

The first and only Champagne made especially for drinking over ice. A new Champagne experience combined with fun and freshness. Because that's the way it is, on a hot day you just crave a drink with ice in it! The party starts with a vibrant pink color. Once in the glass you see a beautiful mousse. Mainly red currant and cherry scents: sour cherry, lingonberry and cranberry. Nuances of juicy summer fruit: fig and nectarine. With the finishing touch a tasty note of grenadine. It costs something but then you also have something ;-).

Rosé fan? Fleur tells you everything!

2 – Orchard Lane rosé

Special, this rosé is mainly made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape. They added a little Pinot Noir for the color and taste, but what a wine. In recent years, New Zealand has really become an upcoming wine country and it is not for nothing that Sauvignon Blanc is the most famous wine from New Zealand. Exotic fruits predominate. Think melon, passion fruit and mango with a hint of green apple. Now they have added Pinot Noir to this, which brings the delicious taste of fresh strawberries. I'm a fan!

3 – Miraval rosé from Provence

Provence, the cradle of rosé wines. No less than eighty percent of all wines made in Provence are rosé. In 2012, none other than Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt bought a winery here called Miraval. Together they made a fantastically beautiful wine. Truly an elegant rosé with fresh red fruit and spring flowers in the glass. This rosé is also delicious with shellfish and crustaceans. The look and feel of the bottle alone makes you a happy person. You can use it later to put in a flower.

the best rose

4 – V-rosé from Valencia

When I first saw the V-rosé I was convinced that it would come from Provence with its beautiful salmon pink color, but nothing could be further from the truth. Valencia it is. Once in the glass, the scent of fresh red fruit hits you. A fresh rosé that I put under the heading everyone's friend: dry but due to the intense taste of red fruit, people who prefer sweet wine keep him very certainly can appreciate.

5 – Garden party? Bring on those magnums!

In contrast to the above-mentioned rosé wines, the taste of this rosé is more towards peach and white flowers with a fine acidity. What does this mean? It is easily digestible, a real rosé to drink. It comes in a beautiful Magnum bottle, you can gain weight with that! Do you really want to complete the party? Then put it with ice in a unique wine cooler from Valiente, a true eye catcher in every garden and chilled wine assured.

This blog “Rose fan? Fleur tells you everything!” is a contribution of Fleur Verloo from The Foody Store. If you want to buy the wines, click on the name at the places of the bottles, so you can easily reach their website and you will have the wine at home in no time! cheers.

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Rosé fan? Fleur tells you everything!

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