Start your own food truck: everything to know

Start your own food truck: everything to know

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When you walk around a festival you see them everywhere: beautiful food trucks. They look beautiful and the food is delicious too! Starting your own food truck is not easy and consists of many steps that you have to follow. From the right one refrigerated display case find, install electricity and also meet the HACCP requirements. We're going to help you get started! Read along in Start your own food truck: everything to know.

Perhaps a coffee/tea food truck with delicious pastries in glasses.

Where to start?

First of all, you have to find the right vehicle! This could be a van or trailer, but a moped or cargo bike also offers options. Think carefully in advance about what exactly you want to sell. Are you really going to cook in the food truck or can it be a bit smaller if you want to serve coffee, for example? Be sure to take the size of your food truck into account. Make sure all cooking equipment fits in. Measure in advance how you want to install it and how much space you need. This includes cooking equipment such as a grill, deep fryer, refrigeration, but also the extractor hood and storage space. Now you know exactly what kind of food truck you should look for.  

The layout of your truck

You have to take into account that when you are at an event with your food truck, you have to stand for long days. The layout of your food truck is therefore crucial. When organizing the layout, take into account the way of working and distribution, but also where you store your stock and install the equipment. This must work efficiently and quickly. It is also important to take the electricity in your food truck into account. Power will not be available at every location. Building an electrical installation that makes all your devices work is one of the most important aspects of your food truck. It is a complicated task that is better outsourced to an electrician for safety reasons. You must also take into account the location and connection of the propane tanks. This is preferably always outside the truck. Finally, you need to have room for your sanitary facilities, such as the sink and tap. 

The last things not to forget “Start your own food truck: everything to know”.

Time to get to work! Okay, almost then. First all important aspects must be installed. The equipment must be in place and properly connected. You may think that you can start then, but there are still a few things that you should not forget. For example, you will also have to build a fire extinguishing system. Make sure these are hung in the right places and are inspected annually. Finally, you should also think carefully about the food truck's distribution hatch. Make sure it is well lit and accessible to customers and that there is possibly a bar with room for sauces and napkins.

Perhaps you cook on an open fire next to your truck on an Ofyer.

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Start your own food truck: everything to know

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