Traceable and healthy the MSC fish

Traceable and healthy the MSC fish

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A recipe with a story. Here at Delicious Happen it's not just sharing recipes, but sometimes I also have a nice message. An important message or an informative message. You may have already noticed that I have entered into a partnership with the MSC Quality Mark. Do you no longer see the forest through the trees with all those quality marks? What do they mean, what do they stand for and what does it mean? We will discuss this further in a moment, in this blog “Traceable and healthy MSC fish”. hake fillet recipe baking msc fishing

hake recipe
Know what you eat, choose sustainable.

Reading a nice and informative article is of course great in itself, but in this case you get a nice bonus. A wonderful bonus I might say. We are going to bake hake fillet. We make a hake recipe with Cantonese glaze. With a delicious bites "touch" of course. Made from the Blue Cookbook.

The MSC Seal of Approval

First let's explain what the abbreviation means:

  • M: Marine
  • S: Stewardship
  • C: council

The Marine Stewardship Council officially started as an independent non-profit organization in 1997 and established 'principles and criteria for sustainable fishing'. The reason for this is the years of overfishing in Canada. That's where the cod stock collapses. Suddenly there was nothing left to fish. Around the waters of the Grand Banks, 35.000 fishermen and workers in more than 400 coastal communities are losing their jobs. This puts the global problem of overfishing in the spotlight. Not only the collapse of such a fish stock, but also the consequences for marine life.

But the fish stocks and the livelihood of the fishermen also receive full attention. The MSC sets a “standard” on sustainable fishing. The “MSC Fisheries Standard” is born after 18 months of international consultation with more than 300 scientists, academics and organizations from around the world. 

Your fish specialist can tell you everything about sustainably caught fish.

Traceable from the sea to the plate

Putting the MSC quality mark on your product is not something that just happens. And it also does not mean that all fishing in the world is done well. There is still a long way to go. Buying and choosing this fish certainly helps to create a more sustainable world. The MSC therefore works with a number of standards:

  • Sustainable fish stocks: Fishing should be done at a level that allows fishing indefinitely and keeps fish stocks productive and healthy.
  • Minimize impact on other marine life: Fisheries must work carefully so that other marine life and their habitats remain healthy.
  • Effective fisheries management: MSC certified fisheries must comply with the laws that apply to them. This is monitored. They must also be able to adapt to changing environmental conditions that affect the size of the fish stock.

With this, we are working hard on a "blue future" in which there is a world for humans and animals to live in. Checking your quality mark on the packaging therefore makes sense. So what exactly does that mean? Your fish on your plate is therefore traceable from A to Z. When you buy your fish from your fishmonger, your fishmonger can tell you a lot more about the sustainability of the fish you buy.

Traceable and healthy MSC fish: top 10 quality mark!

I also don't check every sticker I see in the supermarket, but you probably already know a number of good quality marks. These have been drawn up to give you as a consumer the confidence that you are making a good purchase.

The fish you were promised! MSC Seal of Approval.

Milieu Centraal has rated the MSC label as a top quality label. For example, they see it as a ambitious, transparent and credible quality mark.  On behalf of the Ministry of LNV, Milieu Centraal examined all quality marks and company logos; from food to cosmetics, and from paper to flowers.

Milieu Centraal has assessed the following 10 quality marks as top quality marks for sustainable groceries: ASC, Beter Leven 2 and 3-stars, Demeter, EKO, European quality mark for organic, Fairtrade, MSC, On the way to PlanetProof, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ. 

Do you often watch the TV program "Keuringsdienst van Waarde" then you have probably seen episodes in which other quality marks do not make it at all! hake fillet recipe

Traceable and healthy the MSC fish: And now the food!!

Because Delicious Happen may be informative, in the end love goes through the stomach, right? We are going to fry hake fillet. To make the campaign extra fun, ten chefs from all over the world developed a number of beautiful dishes. I share one of these with you, the Blue cookbook can be found at your MSC fishmonger.

Hake with Cantonese glaze
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Traceable and healthy the MSC fish

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This blog “Traceable and healthy the MSC fish” is written in cooperation with the MSC Seal of Approval

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