Update Delicious Happen knockout race 3

Update Delicious Happen knockout race 3

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We have now been on our way for six months with this “elimination race”. I would like to emphasize again that it is not a real race to lose weight as quickly as possible! A lifestyle change with a big impact on my life. And it is clear that that impact is now also starting to become visible. Left and right I get the question whether I have lost weight, and I also receive quite a few compliments. Definitely a nice side effect in this process. How have I fared since the last time I wrote here you can now read in this Update Delicious Happen weight loss race 3. fast weight loss tips belly

Yo-jo's on the scales

I wrote in the previous update that my weight stuck around 81-82 kg and didn't really want to drop, but we passed that limit and how! Running turned out not to work (anymore), I really had to put it behind me and then decided to go to the gym. My hip injury didn't seem to get in the way there. I started with a schedule that I still had from two years earlier.

Alternate cardio and strength training. This went surprisingly well and gave me the confidence that everything would be fine. The 80kg limit was passed and slowly the numbers crept down.

Update Delicious Happen knockout race 3

“Bring in the Big Guns”

Although this schedule gave me something to hold on to and I certainly started to lose centimeters, I didn't feel that it was going to give me exactly the result I wanted. So I thought a little help from outside would be a good idea. But who do you ask and how do you get started? My answer came through some videos I saw on TikTok and Instagram from Mike Van Horn. And Mike knows what he's doing!

This muscular young guy is not only a fitness instructor but also a dietitian. I scheduled a call with him and we went through everything in just over an hour. What my goals are, what is achievable in them, what adjustments I need to make to achieve that. In addition to helping me online for the coming year, I also go to Amsterdam once a month to train with him.

Update Delicious Happen knockout race 3
As muscular as Mike is not the intention… but we will certainly pursue the set goals!

Workout baby

You train muscles in the gym, and abs you make in the kitchen… I had to actually do what I feared a little bit. I have to keep track of everything I eat! But really everything… including that sneaky chocolate that you put in your mouth without thinking. From here we will work towards a combination of various macros that I personally need for my goals.

So I'm not going to tell you exactly what I eat here, because it makes no sense for you to do that. I now spend my mornings in the gym where I can now be found at least 5 to 6 times a week. fast weight loss tips belly

Update Delicious Happen knock-out race 3 Measuring is knowing!

Yes, we know that by now and I also decided to make progress photos. Once a month I take pictures of myself in underwear to put them side by side. I'm not going to share this one here, but I can tell you that a lot has happened since the first time. The numbers in a row:

  • current weight: 73.6 kg = -5,7 kg since last update
  • fat percentage: 37
  • BMI: 23,5
  • chest circumference: 99 cm / -4 cm
  • buttock size: 104 cm / -7 cm
  • waist circumference: 87 cm / -4 cm
  • calf circumference: 38cm / -1 cm
  • leg circumference: 58 cm / -3 cm
  • arm circumference: 28 cm / -1 cm

And it looks like this after half a year:

  • Weight : 86,6 / 81,4 / 79,3 / 73.6 : -13kg total 
  • Fat: 42 / 40,7 / 39,1 / 37 : -5% total
  • BMI : 27,6 / 26,1 / 25,3 / 23,5
  • chest: 106 / 104 / 103/99 : -7 cm total
  • belly: 96 / 95 / 91 / 87 : -9 cm total
  • buttock: 113 / 111 / 111 / 104 : -9 cm total
  • leg: 66 / – / 61 / 58 : -8 cm in total
  • calf: 39/ 39 / 39 / 38 : –1 cm total
  • arm: 31 / 30 / 29 / 28. : -3 cm total
fast weight loss tips belly
Every gym measures slightly differently, but results are there!

Update Delicious Happen knockout race 3

So! Those are results, right? So things are going very well and we are almost at the target weight. However, I would like to add a sidenote. Now that I'm gaining less fat and more muscle, it could just be that I'm gaining weight. I have no problem with that. I prefer to weigh a little more (muscles are heavier) but with the desired muscular body, than slumped and at my target weight.

Only time will tell us that. The plan with Mike is to work together for a year. So there will definitely be more updates to come. fast weight loss tips belly

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fast weight loss tips belly

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