Week 18 weekvlog Delicious bites

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Week 18 weekvlog Delicious bites

I spent part of week 18 in beautiful France. There I completely immersed myself in the French language and culture. I have spoken to many locals and heard their stories. That's what I like about learning another language: you also discover all kinds of things about their habits and their cuisine! At the market I let myself be seduced by the delicious products they sell there. I have tasted and enjoyed everything. Do you want to see what I've been through? Then watch week 18 weekly vlog Delicious Happen and follow all my adventures.

In week So I was halfway through my French trip with my teacher Dominique. We visited several towns in the Morvan and had a delicious meal at the B&B and on the terrace in Autun. A blog with a movie will be online about this B&B. On Saturday we drove back to the Netherlands together and I left “La douce France” behind me. But don't worry, I'm going there again next week. Then enjoy a trip to the east of France with the family during the May holiday. And so I also received an email from Gastrobar Hartig in Rotterdam if I wanted to come and test the new card. Well that was of course a super nice invitation. I asked my fellow blogging buddy Luuk van luukskitchen with me, and together we had a delicious meal. And of course a lot of fun recording a piece for this weekly vlog!

In week 18, among other things, these recipes came online:

A delicious Quiche

An asparagus soup with mackerel

Expect for week 19:

week 19 week vlog delicious bites

I'm going to visit a foodie again, we're going to record another “the favorite recipe of”. And we leave again on Saturday France. This time we're going east. We've never been there, so I'm very curious. Of course I hope there again inspiration and to be able to talk wonderfully with the French.

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Might as well try it out dit recipe.

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