week 24.19 week vlog delicious bites

Week 24.19 weekvlog Delicious bites

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Week 24.19 was another week in which I crossed the entire country from left to right. But the reward was great because they were all fantastic events where I met a lot of inspiring people. That is also a nice part of blogging. Meeting new people and cooking and talking with passionate chefs. Watch again in the week 24.19 weekvlog Delicious Happen.

Week 24.19 weekvlog Delicious bites

The week started in Amsterdam at the Hilton for the herring party. And what a party that was. I already wrote an extensive blog about it and you can read it if you here clicks. A wonderful evening with nice people and very good food and of course the Dutch Nieuwe.

Delicious fresh Dutch Nieuwe

Irish beef club

The next day I jumped in the car to Nunspeet, I had never been there. What a beautiful wooded area. The location of the event was also really great. An industrial building that houses a BBQ shop and demo kitchen. I was invited to a workshop with Irish lamb and beef. Two fantastic star chefs were already busy preparing when I arrived.

Star chef Andres Delpeut with the racks of lamb at the Ofyr.
BBQ at star level

Despite strong extraction, it smelled good inside because of the open fire of the Ofyrs, which were nicely stoked. The temperature was also quite high. But certainly not for nothing because in no time there were a number of super tasty dishes on the table. For my IGTV I had a short interview with Chef Andres Delpeut. He received his first Michelin star at the age of twenty-six! Again very nice to see how strong the trade is between Ireland and the Netherlands and how many beautiful products come from there.

Italy, Italy

To promote the products from this country and to inspire us, I was on Monday at the invitation of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Zevenhuizen. In the beautiful showroom at Dekker Zevenhuizen we tasted, ate and drank the best that Italy has to offer. Suddenly I was standing with my nose on top of the tastiest risotto. Star chef Paolo Gramaglia from Pompeii pulled me out of the audience. Together with the chefs from the Hilton I prepared the plates, what a pleasant surprise!

weekvlog 24.19 weekvlog delicious bites
What a nice chef this Italian! Star chef Paolo Gramaglia.

Week 24.19 weekvlog Delicious Happen What came online? 

week 24.19 week vlog delicious bites
Delicious creamy spaghetti this cacio e pepe.

Expected for week 25.19

Next week it will be another week that will take me in a number of different provinces! Again some super fun events where I will definitely meet inspiring people and share with you all my adventures.

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