Week 25.19 weekvlog Delicious bites

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De week of Week 25.19 weekvlog Delicious Happen started off a bit rambunctious, shall we say. The rain was pouring down from heaven here, and that while I had just made a beautiful recipe! I prefer to take my photos outside in the garden and well, if a huge splash of water falls, your plans literally fall into the water. But the next day it cleared up nicely. You can see what I made in the week 25.19 weekly vlog Delicious bites

Week 25.19 weekvlog Delicious bites

Jools went to stay with a friend on Friday and because of that Jaap and I had the opportunity to go completely offline and have some quality time together. We went to the sauna where we could really relax. In this busy life it is quite important to keep thinking about yourself. The risk is that I will completely overrun myself otherwise.

Vincent's pizza “caprese”, very tasty!


In the weekend of the Week 25.19 weekvlog Delicious Happen we enjoyed the BBQ. For example, I made a very tasty cherry dessert with our friends and during the BBQ Sunday at our house I started working with different herb butter and a few nice pieces of meat. Always nice when it comes off the BBQ perfectly cooked and everyone can enjoy it. Of course we had beautiful weather so that is also fantastic.

Week 25.19 weekvlog Delicious Happen: Nice to meat you

Freygaard's Finnish beef.

For example, during a BBQ workshop two weeks ago I met the importer of very special Finnish beef and I had the opportunity to taste it during a workshop at Big Green Egg itself in Steenbergen. You can also see this in the Week 25.19 weekly vlog Delicious Happen Beautiful marbled meat with a very special sweet taste. Well, it's also just how you prepare that meat, but this didn't need much decoration!

What came online last week?

Week 25.19 weekvlog Delicious bites
Doesn't it look beautiful?

Expected for week 26.19

Upcoming week everything is on the agenda again! A very busy and especially warm week. Enough delicious recipes and a lot of interesting people to meet again, it keeps me off the street shall we say.

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