Week 26.19 weekvlog Delicious bites

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When you get in the car to Zeeland, you know in advance that it will be a fun event. Experience shows that you can eat very well there. The mussel season started again and of course we had to be there. Zeeland was not the only province I visited, watch the week 26.19 weekvlog Delicious Happen to see what else I have done.

Week 26.19 weekvlog Delicious bites

So the week started in Yerseke with the start of the bottom culture mussel season. A whole mouth full! Luuk already tasted a number of raw mussels on the boat. I let that pass me by for a while, but what followed was a delicious lunch with really fantastic mussels. I will definitely work on that recipe. I have no idea how they made it, but I'm going to give it my own twist.

Week 26.19 weekvlog Delicious bites
The first basket of mussels, and they are delicious dude!

The grand blogger dinner Amsterdam

Sometimes you get multiple invitations that fall exactly on the same day. That was also the case on Thursday, we chose to go to the Grand blogger dinner held at the West Indisch huis in Amsterdam. I put on a beautiful evening dress for the occasion and went to the capital. And what a beautiful location that was. The hall was also very nicely decorated with long tables and everyone dressed in nice clothes. Dinner had four courses with coincidentally also mussels. All in all I had a very pleasant evening with the people sitting around me at the table, and we had very nice conversations.

Week 26.19 weekvlog Delicious bites
Luuk and I put on some nice clothes and had a wonderful evening.

Week 26.19 weekvlog Delicious bites Boretti Amsterdam

And to use my subscription to the capital once again, I drove back to Amsterdam on Tuesday. I certainly don't pass up an invite to follow a cooking workshop by Julius Jaspers. What a super nice man that is! With a small group of bloggers we made a delicious Italian lunch with Boretti products. In addition to stoves and other household appliances, they now also have a food department. The IGtv video of this will be online next week.

A pasta recipe from Julius Jaspers, very tasty I can assure you.

What all came online?

This too tasty pasta with black garlic

This pasta is really worth making!

But also this dipping sauce from neighbor Marco

Expected for week 27.19

Next week it will be a bit quieter, we have a number of private things so I have planned it a little less with Delicious Happen. Of course I will cook a lot, we will have guests and next week a very cool butcher will visit us at home! Enough to watch again next week, love Francine

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