Week 27.19 weekvlog Delicious bites

Week 27.19 weekvlog Delicious bites

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Did I finish week a bit of a glitch anyway! And that makes you think right away. As food bloggers, we have become quite dependent on all social media. Because if you post something on your website, you also want to share it on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. Now I hope that you can find Delicious Happen without all these social media and that you can get your inspiration from my site. What did I do? A very short one week 27.19 weekly vlog Delicious Happen shows you that.

Week 27.19 weekly vlog Delicious bites

Last week was all about family and friends and some more quality time. Always being "on the go" is nice but it does burn you a bit. Towards the summer holidays there are fewer events anyway and all marketing departments also go on holiday, so for me also a great opportunity for a moment of rest.


And I was also finished week plagued by an Instagram outage. Posting was only possible without text, I could no longer like and no longer give comments. All in all, a "set-back" for this active lady, so I posted very little last week and did not post any new recipes.

Earlier Bjorn and I saw each other at the BBQ event at the Crole farm.

Week 27.19 weekvlog Delicious bites: Butcher visiting

What a nice high-light of this one week was , was the visit of Butcher Bjorn van Koppen! Also well known from ButcherBjorn on Instagram. A very nice guy who delivered a whole box of meat to my house, tomorrow his blog will be online with me in it and I will post the link to that vlog here! So one more day of patience.

Week 27.19 weekvlog Delicious bites
BBQ this weekend? Then make this one delicious buttery soft corn on the cob!

What came online?

So no new recipes, but I would like to share two toppers here again!

This cherry dessert you just have to make!

And in the mood for chicken? Then make this spicy chicken once.

Tip of the veil…. for this coming weekend…

Expected for week 28.19

Upcoming week I go again to the capital, and this time with my husband. Also nice for a change for him! I'm also busy with my marketing activities for the Keuken Kampioen, and I'm going to do the last holiday shopping. Enough on the program, see you next week, love Francine

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