week 28.19 weekvlog Delicious snacks

week 28.19 weekvlog Delicious snacks

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A weekend away and enjoying quality time with just the two of you. How often do you do that? And do you take enough time for each other in the busy lives we all have these days? We went out together and enjoyed a night out. Of course I did even more so join us again in week 28.19 weekly vlog Delicious Happen to see what that was.

week 28.19 weekvlog Delicious snacks

The week started with heavy storms! The heavens opened and a downpour came down on me… Right through that shower I took Jools to school by car because otherwise that poor child would have been completely wet.

weekend 28.19 weekly vlog Delicious Bites: Forgot to film

On Saturday, Jaap and I left for Amsterdam to stay overnight at the Hilton Amsterdam. We had a beautiful room overlooking the canal and a great part of Amsterdam, what do you want on the 8th floor?! Now I certainly made a number of stories on Instagram during this evening, so you have certainly been able to see a lot, but I didn't actually film anything else. A bit forgotten, and actually not in the mood because the two of us were out and about and then as far as I'm concerned, that camera is allowed to go out once in a while.

week 28.19 weekvlog Delicious snacks
Dinner started with delicious prawns and a fantastic ratatouille.

Lunch with friends

On the other hand, I managed to capture the Sunday because we drove to Haarlem with Luuk and Robin. We were allowed to enjoy lunch at Parels brasserie. Walking through the center Robin noticed that it is actually a kind of Amsterdam, but in miniature, because what a terrace! Plenty of options for good food and a beautiful center.

This delicious homemade ice tea

week 28.19 weekvlog Delicious snacks
This delicious ice tea also came online.

weekend 28.19 weekly vlog Delicious Happen: What came online?

but also this one super tasty sweet honey chicken

week 28.19 weekvlog Delicious snacks
A cacio è pepe, a big compliment because secretly Jaap likes mine better…

Expected for week 29.19

Next week I have one more event on Thursday and the rest of the week is all about holiday preparations! Last errands, last things at school, cleaning up things and closing this school year. And then on a well-deserved holiday with our family! See you next week, love Francine

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