Week 36 weekvlog Delicious bites

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Week 36 weekvlog Delicious bites

Week 36. The weeks fly by when I see that we are already in the week 36 week vlog Delicious bites sitting! The sun sets early, the temperature begins to drop. And that's how I met the first Peppernuts in the supermarket! After a short poll on Instagram, it was clear that the lion's share of you thinks that too early. But that's a whole different discussion. I say take a quick look at the new one weekly vlog!

We started the week processing all kinds of vegetable garden vegetables from Ilona van Worstenbrood & Wijn. She had given me a nice box with vegetables from her garden. Super sweet of course and I have made a few delicious dishes with it. she gave me zucchini, and potatoes, onions and Garlic. I made a potato salad and a zucchini tatin with it. Below you will find the links to those recipes.

End of the month

The month of August came to an end and then I always post my #bestnine. That's a nice look back at the best photos from Instagram from the past month. And that was a very nice and colorful overview. And now we dive into September and there is plenty to experience again. One invitation after another to eat somewhere or attend a restaurant opening is pouring in and I would love to go everywhere but of course I can't…

Week 36 weekvlog Delicious bites

This is how Bonduelle's challenges have started again and I received a challenge from a very nice pizza brand, namely: Magioni. All challenges are seized here with both hands and I let my creativity loose on the products we receive. The trend this time was mainly to use a lot of vegetables! I made a veggie spread for Magioni and a delicious one for Bonduelle hummus for lunch.

So these toppers came online:

Expected for week 37

What a nice one week waiting for me! Sunday I have one bitterballen-a drink in Tilburg, and next week I'm going to do something really cool with Dutch shrimp... definitely nice to have this one blog keep an eye on.

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