Week 47 weekvlog Delicious bites

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Week 47 weekvlog Delicious bites

Week 47: Running or standing still, I actually never do a lot of standing still… But it is also less busy sometimes. And then I don't have much to do outside for Delicious Happen, but all the more for our family. And also preparatory work for what is to come. This also applies to the upcoming Christmas and you will see that in the week 47 weekly vlog Delicious Happen.

work at home

Last week there was not much on the agenda to do outside the door. Which does not mean that I immediately stop at home because I have cooked a lot. This all has to be worked out and put on the blog. But also visits to the dentist and friends who came to stay. And then of course you want to have your house in order, the fridge filled and everything tidy.

Christmas prep

week 47 week vlog delicious bites

I also cooked the first Christmas dinner this weekend. Before that I had converted the living room table into a beautiful Christmas table. And it doesn't have to be difficult at all. With few resources you can make a beautiful table. I always keep my decorations in boxes in the attic so that in the coming years you will always have your things at home and you can combine things. But of course the Action is also a grateful store where you can buy very nice decorations for very little money. In the near future a number of photos will appear online so that you may also be able to get your inspiration from this.

What recipes came online this week?

These unexpectedly delicious wraps

A delicious pea stamp with balls

And a super tasty orzo risotto

Expected for week 48

And in the context of running: next week I even have 3 events to which I have been invited. Two of them are also for a job I'm going to do with these companies in question. So in addition to those events, I will also make recipes and receive a lot of product information. And Friday I will go back to my roots, to Zeeland. I have been invited to eat a real Zeeland lunch in Bruinisse. I will of course write a nice blog about this! So enough to do.

Delicious Happen is a multi-media company, so you can also find me on various social media. follow me on FacebookPinterest en Instagram under @delicioushappen. If you make this recipe I would love it if you tagged me #delicioushappen. A comment below in the comments is also nice of course!

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