Week 5 weekvlog Delicious bites

Week 5 weekvlog Delicious bites

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Where to start? The week 5 weekly vlog Delicious Happen is packed with nice people and fun events. I've had a very busy but above all wonderful week. Delicious because of all the delicious things I've tasted, and delicious because of the fantastically passionate people I've met. Take a quick look!

Week 5 weekvlog Delicious bites

The week started at home with Danny Jansen. Danny is busy setting up a nice project and maybe I'll be a part of it, but that needs to become a bit clearer. He was very enthusiastic about my invitation to come and cook at my house. Danny gets to work with the things he finds in my fridge and prepares a delicious dinner with it! Exciting!! I invited some foodies and you will see that soon.

Week 5 weekvlog Delicious bites
Top chef Franz Conde (from Roberto's) who can also make delicious arepas!

amsterdam amsterdam

Oh Amsterdam guys… I seem to have a subscription to it! A lot of events happen in the capital anyway, so you will have to drive there. So I was at the Little Italy event. I already wrote a blog about that and you can read it here read. And the second event was the "jackfruit taste tour". At the invitation of the Foodcabinet and Fairtrade original, we crisscrossed Amsterdam. We ate delicious dishes at five different hotspots and tasted the jackfruit in different ways.

Week 5 weekvlog Delicious bites
What a lovely lady, and what a pleasant evening we had!

Meet and Eat

And then it was finally time: the meet and eat with Delicious Happen! Coco from foodbyco was the lucky winner of this dinner. I took Coco to Den Bosch where we had a great meal. Always exciting if you've never met someone before, but luckily we had a very nice click! The evening flew by and of course a nice selfie could not be missed…well you have to watch the video because the search for good light was too funny!

What came online this week?

Expected for week 6

No events planned for next week. We do get visitors on the weekend, for which I will of course cook for. And I'm going to work with my new equipment from Slowjuice! Testing the drying oven and the sous-vide stick so that I can write a few nice blogs about it.

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